In Narcissa Balenciaga, Promo by Narcissa Balenciaga

Everybody has a weakness.

The one thing that will bring you down to your knees despite all your best efforts, that will expose the worst parts of you despite how strong you are otherwise.

Most of us try to hide it.

Most of us try to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Most of us would do anything to not interact with it.

The worst part is most of us have to interact with it, most of us have to acknowledge it, and most of us can’t hide it forever.

For most of us, our weakness is intertwined with the person we have become.

Our weakness isn’t something attacking the house we call our lives.

It’s not trying to attack you from above or piercing the roof exposing you to the world.

It’s not something trying to break the walls to make everything crash on top of you.

It’s not something external at all in most cases even though we usually try to act like all our enemies are something separate from ourselves.

No, it is usually a crack in the foundation.

I act like Zeus was my biggest weakness, no, the asshole just capitalized on them.

He saw a broken woman who needed love, who needed security, who was so desperate for validation that she would do anything as long as she had someone on her side for once.

For a narcissist who was looking for someone to reassure him he was the best, I was perfect and malleable, I was like clay in his hands, he could sculpt and carve me into his perfect image. His ego was the hammer and my low self-worth was the chisel.

It wasn’t until I saw what was going on that I knew I had to change. I had to be confident in myself, I had to love myself and not rely on his version of love to push me through.

By losing him, I found myself.

I became the woman, no, the leader you see today, I became confident in myself without being attached to the most powerful man in Arcadia.

I realized Narcissa was the person I needed to be, not Hera.

I didn’t ignore my weaknesses or act like they didn’t exist, I worked on that crack in my foundation until it was fortified enough to hold up not just myself but all those who rely on me.

I thought you did the same Jackson Cade.

After all, you got to the top of the mountain then I found the weakness that you share with a lot of people.

Family, it gives others strength but for so many, including myself, it’s the reason the foundation is destroyed in the first place.

After all , look at yourself.

Dinner is supposed to be nourishing, all I heard from Thorpe was how it made you realize why you were so broken and hungry for power.

Your dad had all the control and now you realize he still does.

You’re just as broken and weak now as you were as a kid.

Fix the cracks, those weaknesses your father put in your foundation or they will destroy you more than I ever could.