In Promo, Vision by Vision

Most of life’s problems come because we act without thinking, and think without acting.

Some men are all talk. All ideas and concepts, but too cowardly to act when it matters most. Men that buckle under the pressure when given the opportunity to pave a better path for themselves, residing themselves to a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Soon, all these cowardly thinkers can envision is their own pain and suffering, their own lifetime of regrets that they enforce upon those foolish enough to heed their words.

But these thinkers are dangerous. All they need is an army willing to shed blood in the name of suffering and they will rain hellfire down upon Arcadia. I have seen it, The Third Eye has shown me the dangers talk-filled cowards pose. A vision that must not come to pass.

I see a hand.

Unable to consciously make its own decision, nor comprehend the task it carries out, the hand merely acts as the brain commands. It achieves the task it is programmed to do. When the mind is filled with kindness and pure thoughts, the hand will act accordingly.

But when the mind has thoughts of violence, the hand will become a fist. A weapon to carry out vengeance upon that which the mind wishes. So too will the hand become an instrument of brutality when its actions are conducted by one with an evil, tarnished mind of impure thought.

The hand acts as the mind wills. It does not think, nor does it reason. It merely acts upon the instructions it is given.

You are a hand, TEC. Programmed for good, from minds that see you as a tool for justice, you have carried out your bidding as intended until now. The problem with artificial tools such as yourself is that they can all too easily be influenced by evil minds, by impure thoughts. All it takes is somebody with a little know-how and the mind that calls your shots can be anything but what you were intended as becoming.

Your eyes become their eyes, your hands become their weapons. While they sit behind the screen, you become that which they seek. In the wrong hands, you become the army that is willing to shed blood, the tool of suffering, the very machine of brutality that I see in my visions.

All it takes is a little change to your programming, a little hacking of your systems and you will be whatever they want you to be. Unable to truly comprehend the task you carry out, because you are the hand and they are the mind.

I am the vision that sees the dangers ahead for Arcadia. In order for evil to triumph, evil minds will always need hands to do their work. In order for Arcadia to welcome a brighter future, we must cut off the hands of those that wish us harm.

You are a risk, TEC. A risk that cannot become their weapon. You are a hand that must be severed. For the greater good.