In Jackson Cade, Promo by Jackson Cade

“What is a ghost if not just a memory?”

“For as long as I’ve been in OSW, atop Olympus, I’ve been haunted by the ghosts of my past”

“It all started when I found that first damned body, a canvas of blood and gore that etched itself into my mind. Their screams, their agony, it haunted me for weeks.”

“Yet the horde of souls only grew greater with time.”

“Good men and women screaming in my ear.”

“Their voices berating me for my failures. I could have saved them, I should have done more.”

“Even Riggs, my mentor and friend, began to permeate my dreams after his demise. Him, his wife, his child, all of those poor unfortunate souls dug their claws into my skin and dragged me down into my own mind.”

“Every memory a knife in my back, every dream a thumb in my eye.”

“It ruined me.”

“Haunting me until I fell to my knees, unable to truly rise with the failures of my past weighing heavily upon my shoulders.”

“Even now, as I walk into quite possibly the biggest fight of my life, the ghosts persist.”

“Yet for once the specter standing across from me isn’t the memory of a friend, but a living, breathing man who has been in my shadow since he escaped the depths of Deathrow.”

“I’m talking about you, Harry.”

“My life is a house of pain and sorrow and you’re the spirit that walks its halls.”

“We’ve fought relentlessly, left scars that can never be erased. You haunted meĀ  just like Riggs, just like every last victim Jasper had.”

“And despite it all, I think I could call you my friend. As much as you’ve hurt me, you’ve also helped me.”

“But that simply makes what I’m about to say next all the more painful to say.”

“Because I found out how to overcome the ghosts of my past, Harry. The only way I can shake off their torment and truly rise like I need to… Is to forget them. To take all the horror, the tears, and to leave them in the past. To shake them off, I have to continue moving forwards.”

“And if that means walking right through the ghost standing in my way to get my shot at the world championship? To regain the badge that was ripped from my hands?”

“Then so be it.”

“I’m going to lay you to rest, Harry.”

“The ghost that haunts me, that stalks Arcadia, will find his end at the bottom of my boot.”

“We’re going to war one last time. I’m going to lay into you with everything I have, one last hostile down putting you in the past just where you belong.”

“And if it means I get another shot at helping Arcadia, at rising to the top for the betterment of its citizens?”

“Then I’ll leave you buried and forgotten.”

“You and all of my ghosts, my memories, put six feet under.”

“No one can be above the Law, Harry.”

“And I am the Law.”