In Narcissa Balenciaga, Promo by Narcissa Balenciaga

Narcissa Balenciaga is standing in the middle of a bathroom.

In front of me is a simple bathtub, we all use it in various ways or fashions but at the end of the day it has one main purpose, containment.

Whether it contains water, the people using it, or every accompaniment that goes with the process of cleansing one’s self, that is the intended use of a bathtub.

Think of this bathtub as Arcadia. It holds everything.

In the middle here, I have set up toy ships in a pyramid-like tower to explain our current system at hand.

For most of the pyramid, it makes sense, a whole bunch of ships at the bottom, similar to the countless people spoiling in the slums.

They prop up those above them who reduce in number but increase in power.

It works to a point, by the time we get to the top, we gradually increase until a sudden spike in size at the very top.

One ship bigger than the rest combined, the plastic is already cracking in these toys, how do you think those in Arcadia are truly doing under the weight of an asshole who thinks he’s a god?

Eventually, this whole system is going to break no matter if I cause the destruction or not.

There is really one solution to help these poor crumbling ships, the vessels illustrating our reality.

Give them a way to stay afloat.

Narcissa turns the water on.

As the water makes its way up and around these ships, watch how everything changes.

Some small, more loose and free ships break away from the orderly stack this world has put them in.

Every ounce of water changes the structure as ship after ship breaks away from the tower and finds its new destiny by itself.

As the tub fills up, more and more break away, all until it reaches the big ship at the very top. As the water makes that one lift properly, the remaining ones that are stuck under it finally break free.

Now that the tub is full, you’ll notice something interesting, every ship is level with the titan that crushed them all.

Even the ones that were cracking are level with it.

Don’t you see?

A rising tide lifts all ships.

People see me as a monster bent on destroying the world they know but no I want to fix it, I’m not Cronus or his lackeys.

I’m the water meant to nourish or cleanse the problems that are here, I’m the tide that will rise all of you up to meet Zeus on an even level.

Redgrave, you have seen so many try to stop us, try to drain our desire to make this place better for everyone.

He’s doing it again by placing us against each other, we’re not going to fall for that, are we?

I need you to lay down and plug the drain so I can be the uprising tide that I am destined to be.

This isn’t about the rise of one Spartan.

This is about the rise of Arcadia.

The water runs until the largest ship falls out.

Narcissa turns the water off.