Something to Prove

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“When it was announced that I would be participating in the Sparta Cup, I felt like I had something I needed to prove to Arcadia and rest of the Titans taking part.”

“For the longest time, I’ve been treated like an afterthought to the crowd and the fighters in the back. I’ve been disrespected, humiliated, and vilified ever since my arrival in Olympus.”

“Getting a spot in this tournament meant that I had a chance to elevate my status in OSW. It meant that I had a chance to show them all that the fire not only didn’t kill me, it made me stronger.”

“Stronger than the people that sought to bring about my downfall. Stronger than everyone that tried to turn me into some kind of a monster. Stronger than those who would attempt to keep me from bringing the justice I seek.”

“Ever since I threw myself into the Odyssey Pool, I’ve become stronger than ever. While the Titans fighting in this tourney view me as Maxwell in a new set of clothes, I see myself as a being that’s finally able to bring true justice to Arcadia.”

“Not the kind of justice that can be perverted into tyranny or simple vengeance. My kind of justice will make Arcadia a better place without turning myself into a short sighted villain like the scum that roam around Arcadia currently.”

“Doom, Felix, and the Uprising see themselves becoming the rulers of Arcadia through the means of coercion and brute force. They believe that they can run the world better than those currently in power, seeking to prove that by any means necessary.”

“In Doom’s case, he tries to make everyone see the world as he does. Including Foley, who is willing to perform any an atrocious act as long as it means he gets to spend time with his best friend.”

“With the Uprising, they plan on killing Zeus and his supporters before ruling over the survivors of the war with an iron fist. Narcissa doesn’t care who she hurts or kills in order to take over. Jasper, meanwhile, appears to be in the movement for the thrill it brings him.”

“Meanwhile, Cade, Attano, and the Python use justice as a means to get vengeance. They’ve all lost at least one person close to them, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get it.”

“Jackson and Harold want vengeance against Redgrave for taking their commanding officer and daughter respectively. Python, meanwhile, is looking to send a message to the one that maimed the rest of his squad.”

“As for me? I’m not looking to rule Arcadia or seek vengeance. At one point I did, but vengeance lead me down the path of humiliation and vilification at the start of OSW.”

“I’m simply looking to bring justice to Arcadia for the sake of balancing the scales. And at Rise of the Spartans, I have a chance to do just that.”

“The tournament and the scales of justice await.”

“I will balance the scales of justice, and I will prove that justice reigns over tyranny and vengeance.”