In Drewitt, Promo by Drewitt

I’ve always been a man who likes to look deeper.

I’ve scoured these levels looking for the rarest things, the myths that plague the nightmares of the children of Arcadia. I’ve searched for endless hours for more information on something that I’d only heard rumours about.

It’s this thirst for the deeper knowledge that drives me. How do you think I know how to read ancient Arcadian? It didn’t fall into my lap. I put real effort into understand the past of this place. I know things that most of the pups on the roster would quiver at the knees about.

And it’s this that drives me to do more. Although I have been searching for years, I realised that I had become one of the myths I’d tried to debunk. That people did not believe in me, like they did not believe in all of the weird and wacky, wonderful and woeful things out there. That’s why I accept the invite to Olympus and to OSW. I decided it was no longer enough to have this information for myself, but that the people of Arcadia deserve to know what is out there.

It may well scare them half to death but I’d rather they struggle to sleep at night than struggle to wake in the morning, if you catch my drift.

Which brings me to Colt Ramsey. On paper, we employ our skills for similar purposes, but in practice that couldn’t be further from the truth. Colt’s pen writes inanity. His voice is not strong and powerful, bringing light to those in Arcadia, instead his voice is the drone of an insect near your head. That constant annoyance that you can’t escape from hearing.

Colt Ramsey claims to write reports of the truth. He does not live up to this. Colt Ramsey writes the headlines, but the articles are full of Lorem Ipsum bullcrap. Fluff, intended to placate the masses.

Colt writes about the Uprising, but never dives deep enough to expose them for what they are. Colt writes about Zeus, but is two hamstrung to share what he really thinks.

Clickbait headlines. That’s all the self proclaimed newshound is good for. That’s not real investigative journalism. That’s where Drewitt steps in. I wouldn’t consider myself an investigative journalist, Colt, but unlike you my reports have substance. I see past the headlines. I see the real news before it happens. I make sure the weak and vulnerable are not in places that would cause them grave danger. I ensure even people like you, Colt, stay safe from the true terrors of Arcadia.

So take your little pen, and your pad of paper and take note from the only one in Arcadia who dares report the breaking news live and as it happens. And maybe then you’ll be brave enough to show the world the real underbelly of Arcadia, warts and all.

Or maybe you’re just a journalistic sellsword for life.

Whats it to be? Column A or column B?