The Cost of Greed

In Promo by Jinx

“A man stumbled into a Tavern long ago..”

“From the shadows, a dark figure rose from behind the bar.”

“He was mysterious to say the least.”

“‘What’ll it be, young man?’ the shadowy barkeep asked.”

“‘I don’t suppose you’d have something behind that bar that’d make me famous?’ came the reply. The wanderer from the street looked desperate.”

“The barkeep leaned into the light from across the bar with a toothy grin. He sits a glass bottle atop the bar and pops it’s top. ‘Perhaps this is what you desire. Here, this one is on the house.'”

“The patron took the glass bottle and guzzled the drink. He spent the night amongst the crowd of the nightlife, partying his heart out. He was suddenly the life of the party.”

“However, when he awoke the next day, life had struck again. The sound of alarms and whistles stir him from a hungover sleep. The smell of smoke met him as he shot from bed and ran out of the burning house.”

“The poor man found himself stumbling back into the tavern to a warm welcome.”

“‘What’s got you down, lad? You asked for popularity and I gave you that.'”

“‘My house burned down. Everything I own is gone.’ the patron said in a solemn tone.”

“‘Well, young man, I did say that the cost of your fame would be on the house.'”

“‘But don’t blame me. You were so fed up with the way you were, that you took a drink from a complete stranger simply because he said it would offer you exactly what you desired.'”

“‘Your greed is what cost you everything you hold dear..’ he concludes. ‘And it will be your greed that will be your demise.'”

“I’m reminded of this story because it reminds me of Dr. Death.”

“Much like the patron from our story, Dr. Death wandered into the tavern of OSW from the streets down on his luck.”

“He was a nobody. There wasn’t a single Arcadian who truly knew of the Luchadoc.”

“But you stumbled into Zeus’ tavern didn’t you, Doc? You asked The Baron for fame, and he gave you the opportunity to taste it.”

“He gave you a shot at the OSW Championship and you took it. You won the Championship, and you had a taste of the success and power you desire.”

“But it was ripped away from you, wasn’t it, Doc? And now you watch as everything you’ve worked so hard to build burns to ash before your eyes.”

“It’s your greed that will be your demise. You struggle for another taste from the bottle of success, but The Ferryman already looms in your shadows ready to take your last breath away from you..”

“A harcore hell awaits you at Thunder, Doc. A wise man would turn and tuck tail. But you?”

“Your greed doesn’t allow you to waver from your path.”

“And it’s your greed that will cost you your life.”

“The path of destruction doesn’t end with me..”

“I’m simply the last stepping stone before you cross over from this life to another.”

“You’re playing a game you’ve already lost, Doctor.”