Hiding from Fate

In Promo by Sir Bellator

“There’s no shadow you won’t light up, mountain you won’t climb up.

Coming after me.

No wall you won’t kick down, lie you won’t tear down.

Coming after me.”


When man hides from God, it never ends well for him.

After eating the apple from the tree, Adam hid from God. Cain hid from God after killing his brother Abel. Peter denied Jesus three times before the cockerel cried and his saviour was crucified.

All of these stories end the same way.

God gets you in the end.

For the man that wanted to live forever, he built his faith upon science and medicine. He invested huge amounts of money into forwarding the technology of his day, so that any ailment or old age that would claim him he could overcome.

In his own strength.

But all the work, all of his effort in itself left a toll on his body and soul.

No amount of preparation could stop the brain aneurism that killed him.

For nothing of man is ever permanent.

Cael, you have finally come to terms with that which has been daunting you for so long.

The man who wanted to live forever, destined to die.

And your time is coming quickly.

You joined the mission for selfish purposes, but fought alongside your brethren bravely. You wanted to find a way to stop the inevitable.

To stop death.

You invested yourself, every ounce of your heart and soul into the mission.

But for all of your work, Grimwolf still seeks you out.

The ocean still calls.

And death still beckons.

So you are left with an impossible choice. Become the sea monster he wants you to be, or die.

But staving off death was never the mission, Cael.

Not for me.

The mission was always to live eternally.

To revive he who can raise us to a better life.

I fight till my last breath for the chance to become something more than this existence. I’m not hiding from him like Adam in the garden. I’m not denying him like my father, or Peter before the crowing rooster.

I remain loyal to that which brought us together.

The sense of purpose that Solomon instilled in each of us still lives in my heart.

That Yahweh will live, so that we may live again.

God did not have to go looking for Adam in that garden, nor Cain in the wilderness. He knew where to find them.

He always does.

He knew Peter would deny him, and still embraced him as a brother.

Stop hiding from the truth, Cael and embrace your fate.

It’s your fate that drives you forward.

Alive or dead, Cael… God still gets you in the end.

And he needs us.

He needs his warriors to fight for him. To not stop until their dying breath, because this world needs Yahweh more than ever.

With him or against him Cael, that’s your choice.

There’s no wall I won’t kick down… In his name, Cael.

I’m coming after you.