Garden Keeper

In Promo by Deathnote

“Life is much like a garden..”

“Two old time friends decide to have a bit of a competition in their old age.”

“With too much time on their hands, they wanted motivation to do something that would keep them busy, even later in life.”

“The two decide to see which of them could maintain the better garden.”

“They would both start with the same sized plot of land. Their objective was to grow a beautiful garden, one that was more colorful and full of life than the other.”

“One of the older men didn’t actually have the time to prepare and maintain a garden though. Instead, he thought he could use his endless wallet to throw money at the problem and make up for his shortcomings.”

“His friend, however.. had nothing but time. He would take the time to spend hours during the day in his garden. He spent many hours under the beaming sun taking quality care of his plot. His blood, sweat, tears, and emotion all went into the hard work that he slaved over his flowerbed.”

“Months go by and it’s time for the big reveal. The two meet and agree to check out each other’s gardens together.”

“The first old man, his garden was nothing special. The flowers that had grown were already beginning to wilt from too much chemical. Nothing seemed alive and vibrant, and there were more green weeds than actual beauty.”

“The old man who spent hours taking care of his plot, well his garden was much different. His garden was full of emotion and passion. His garden popped with the vibrant colors of his hard work and dedication. His ability to feel what he wanted as an end result turned out prosperous.”

“So what does your garden look like, Mr. Painkiller?”

“The two of us, we have been caring after our plots of land since the two of us walked through those OSW doors.”

“But you haven’t the time or patience to look after your garden well, do you?”

“Your inability to feel has left you throwing an endless wallet of nothingness at the problem at hand.”

“Your garden lacks the passion, the emotion. It lacks the blood, sweat and tears of a man who can FEEL.”

“I am that man. I am the man who can feel the pain you have to dish out, and still be able to laugh it off.”

“I am the old man that has taken an ordinary plot of land and I have curated it into a beautiful masterpiece.”

“I have taken my wins, I have taken my losses. I’ve taken all of that emotion.. all of that pain.. and I’ve crafted a paradise.”

“There is no competition. Much like the soul inside that corpse of yours, that garden is dead.”

“Those flowers withered away long ago.”

“There’s nothing left but a field of weeds.”

“Kneel before the Prince of the Underworld..”

“The keeper of the OSW Garden.”