Hollow Vessal

In Promo by Chronoa

There is one force in this universe that no soul can ever overcome.

It doesn’t care for power, it doesn’t hear your woes of loss, nor your lust for power.

Good and evil are foreign concepts in it’s mind as no matter who you are, there’s always one thing waiting for us at the end of the line.

Death itself.

And whether you think of it as a malevolent force who rips apart everything you love or a peaceful guardian here to guide you to a paradise beyond words,

It is inevitable as time itself.

But what happens when someone believes themselves above the natural order of the universe and tries to correct what they think is a mistake.

Any paltry sorcerer with a modicum of talent can breath life where there is none.

What comes out of the smoke and flames is never truly right.

A mindless monster seeking only flesh and blood

A simple puppet rendered the property of the psychopath who resurrects them

Or the worst of them all, something so close to human that you can’t even tell what’s wrong until the fatal final moment

Because you can rebuild the body, repair the mind but once it falls into the ether,

You can never regrow the soul.

And life without that blinding ball of humanity is a nightmare at best.

Isn’t that right Cael?

You used to be such a good boy, a pure soul who tried to do the right thing.

You were a hero in the face of evil, a man who stood tall through tribulations and agony.

Who withstood the corruption of law as it weaved it’s bitter roots through those you loved.

Who endured the callous claws of death scraping against his life,

And in his final moments, brushed aside the whispering deceit of love and died trying to do the right thing.

Yet now, the man who lives is a mockery of the boy who died, desecrating his very memory as you cross a line he never would.

It matters not what the Nekken put you through nor that Israel still lives, it’s the decision to end another’s life that counts.

As it draws you away from ever reuniting with your soul in paradise.

I don’t blame you Cael, the anger, the rage that you cannot control is a side effect of life without that integral part inside of you.

Emotion’s magnified until they consume every part of you.

A doddering old fools final act cursed a good man to a half life that he never wanted.

As he’s drawn like a moth to the home of his darkest hour begging for a way to feel whole once more.

I cannot give you that in this life Cael but I can give you the absolution you seek.

It will be painless, it will be quick and I will send you to the paradise you earned.

But deny this boon as you keep stumbling upon this path, you will meet the fate of all those soulless fools.

Not paradise nor hell but a fate worse then anything imaginable.

An empty void for all eternity.