In Promo by Chronoa

The strength to brutalize all those who come before you

The speed to overwhelm those who stand in your way.

The intelligence and foresight to be ten steps ahead of any would be foe.

Take whatever branch of the spectrum you want but every soul walking these halls has one pure goal.

Power absolute.

Yet strength can falter, speed wanes on the path of resilience and all the intelligence in the world can’t overcome the steel wall of death.

Yet there is a personal favorite path that few walk which if used correctly is unstoppable.

The ability to end a war without lifting a finger.

To ensnare and enslave millions with but a breath of a word.

Desire is power incarnate

And there is a little boi who believes he’s the master of this path.

Handsome, charismatic, cocky in all sense of the word.

A man who has never had to truly work to satisfy the desire in his soul.

As virgins and whores alike have fallen to the sweet sympathies he whispers in their ears.

But tell me Star, do these helpless victims fall at your feet without a word or do you have to truly work for your pleasures?

Because a master wins before he even begins the game and you have a long path to tread before you’re even an expert.

You’re no Sovereign saint.

You’re not even truly Dangerous.

The adulation of chaste barely legals and desperate housewives ain’t shit in my world boy

Because you may let them see god

But I make them all believe I am one.

You walk into a crowd and draw their attention for a few brief moments.

My entrance sucks the very air from the room as every soul waits for the moment their insignificant lives are entranced by my presence.

You give pleasure to any person who wants it, throwing love into the cosmos like a petty two dollar whore.

The few that I chose, the strongest amongst them all fall prey to a deadly poison, an addiction so pure that it makes the most powerful quivering worms underneath my feet.

Face it boy, you’re out of your league. What you’ve learnt and used in a few decades is a drop in the hat to the abilities I’ve gained in millenia upon millenia

So you could fight in the manner you’re accustomed. Watch as your seduction fails, as a deadly kiss rends you into a mewling virginal mess and your life fades away into mine.

Or you can finally let go as the man who pleasures the world is finally sated.

Now come little boy, sit on mommy’s lap and let her take away all the pain.

Let her love soothe you into contentment as you become her little thrall, the very thought of her touch leaves you defenseless to whatever comes next.

You cannot fight fate boy

Because the moment you began to walk this path,

You were always going to cum home to me.