No More Second Chances

In Promo by Chronoa

When I was a little girl, my father was the greatest judge in the known galaxy.

Famous for his even temperament, his pure sense of balance and his soft heart, especially when it came to first offenders.

There was this kid that was arrested for armed robbery. He pled his case using the usual cliche bullshit arguments. Raised in a bad neighborhood, shitty parents, had to do anything to survive.

And my father fell for it hook, line and sinker with a slap on the wrist and the promise of a second chance.

Over the next five years this kid came in maybe once, twice a month and each time it escalated. Arson, aggravated assault, sexual abuse. But every time my father would just chuckle and send him on his way.

For another “second chance”.

The last time he saw him on what would’ve been his hundredth chance, he was up for murder. He lied through his damn teeth, crime of passion, simply a mistake that he wished he could take back. Another in an endless line of sob stories that the old fool fell for again.

A week later, that same kid orchestrated events that led to the destruction of a planet. That led to five billion lives blinked out in an instant and those deaths weren’t on him.

They were on my father who witnessed a monster grow up before his eyes and did nothing to stop it.

And unlike my father, i refuse to stand back and watch the parasite that is OSW hurt this universe anymore.

Your end was meant to come three years ago in a biblical plague of fire but I allowed an old mans words and faith in those around him to sway my judgment.

I gave a second chance to prove that your destiny was to save this universe, not to decimate it and you have continuously proven me wrong time and time again.

Thousands of fates have been torn asunder, every good soul who dared walk these halls has been corrupted into purest darkness and the universe itself has been scarred indefinitely.

All the while you ignore the fallout of your petty squabbles and care only for what happens in your precious little bubble.

A dozen, a hundred, a thousand reasons to render fate’s judgment yet I stayed my hand because I believed in the few heroes that stood tall.

And because of your arrogance, now this ain’t no place for a hero and they were all you had left to save you from my judgment.

So I beg thee, watch as I take what used to be precious jewels of hope, what you all perverted into useless keys of avarice and use them to lock away any shred of survival you ever had.

I have never enjoyed what I do, it has always been a necessary evil but as I extinguish your destinies, as I tear the heart from the temple and turn it into ash,

I will hear a sigh of relief from a reality who knew a simple truth.

You never deserved a single chance to begin with.