In Promo by Simon

A couple has been married for quite some time, and now find themselves in dire straits.

When they exchanged vows, they made it clear they would stay by each other forever.

To have and to hold.

Till death do they part.

They were inseparable, their love burning bright and true.

It seemed as though their passion would never fade.

But something got in the way.

And suddenly, one became too busy for the other.

Distracted, pulled away by their hopes and aspirations.

Without warning, the feelings between the couple soured.

Their relationship, strained.

Their home, wrecked.

One fought harder than the other to keep things afloat, but there was always something dragging it back down.

And in the end, it was more than either of them could handle.

Such a situation pops up all too often in relationships, forcing couples to divide their time and energy.

In the process, they discover that the flames of desire blew out a long time ago.

It could be someone that takes the love away for their own, destroying the trust built up within that relationship over the years.

But the damage could be done just as easily with an object that both parties desire, above all else.

A nice, shiny distraction from marital duty.

A symbol of opportunity for whoever wields it.

A key to something much greater, if one chooses to…invade.

Tell me, sweet Pyre…how did it feel to grasp that briefcase?

Could you imagine just how much power you held in your hands in that moment?

Holding the Invasion briefcase is an honor very few hold, but the bigger honor comes from what you can do with it.

The ball is in your court, now.

The world is your oyster.

And I am jealous.

You have the kind of power that I desire.

If you were looking to make me burn with envy, you’ve succeeded.

Which only spells bad news for you, my dear.

You’ve let this homewrecker in, spoiling the enjoyment of our marriage of convenience.

If I can’t fight to salvage what we have, I will destroy your chance of enjoying this distraction.

I will do whatever I must to ensure you don’t get the satisfaction of obtaining what I could not.

For being a thorn in my side, I will be the rain that extinguishes your hopes and aspirations.

The things you’ve built up for yourself will be torn down by my hand, O Killer Queen.

I cannot let this stand.

Ol’ Simon’s got just the trick up his sleeve, to handle this act of adultery.

And when I’m done, you’ll have no choice but to submit to my will like the good wife that you should be.

And I will take my next step toward achieving greatness, with my bride by my side.

We can be unstoppable together, but only if you know your place.

If you won’t accept the terms to the letter, I can arrange for a more permanent solution.

The choice is yours.