Honey Badger

In Promo, The Yellow Python by The Yellow Python

[The sounds of violence erupt from one of the pens in the Sanctuary, and we see the Yellow Python jump over a fence. As he makes it over, a small black and white striped animal leaps up, barely missing him.]

“Crafty little fella isn’t he? There aren’t a lot of animals that I’d say are a direct pain in the ass, but there’s just something about the honey badgers man. They got this attitude that the world’s their oyster, and you’re just lucky to be here still.

[Yellow Python pulls himself up off the floor, dusting himself off briefly.]

“Despite their sweet sounding name, these are some of the most aggressive animals around. In the wild they charge up to even big name predators like lions, letting them know they mean business. With the extra layers of skin that are loosely attached, they’re hard to even pin down.”

“With such a rough bastard of an animal, you’d be forgiven for wondering why they have the name of honey badger. They got it for their penchant for honey, the little guys go nuts for it. They’ve even worked a deal with a type of bird to lead them to the nests to get the stuff, and the bird eats the bees.”

[Yellow Python looks back to the habitat to see the blur of black and white fur jump up again, snapping towards him.]

“They remind me a lot of you Harold. There aren’t many folks that got the reputation for ferocity like you do. You’ve gone toe to toe with the worst of the worst, even as far enough to tackle the entire Uprising. Where Nobody goes, folks tend to end up on the floor right?

[He turns back, facing forward once more]

“But like the honey badger here, there’s a crack in the image of Nobody. See, you can’t do anything truly alone. You need the enemies after you to tear into, to be the fearsome persona you’ve built.”

“And then there’s the deals you made, like a honey-guide to lead you to build up. The team-up with Jackson Cade, even me when it came to Invasion. It took that to make me truly see what you are. Why you latch onto any enemy so ferociously.”

“Because without them, you have nothing else.”

“Every connection you make with others is a means to the ends you search out. Time and time again you’ve gone into the deals, the fighting, for what? No one to trust you? Nothing to go back to? You scream, fight and fight until the inevitable someone that puts you down.”

“But that’s the thing with honey badgers. They just don’t know when to quit. One of the most often ways they end up dying in the wild is due to them invading into the burrows of snakes, only to find a quick end.”

“You’ve been here long enough I think. Time to show you what the price of coming into the home of a serpent truly is.”