In Promo by Barkarda

My name is BARKADA.

I did not choose this path of life.

It chose me.

And down this road begins my journey laid out in front of me

I am a man of courage.

A man of integrity.

And I am a man of honor.

The Gods and leaders of Honor Realm have handpicked me to represent our realm and begin the restoration of honor across the universe.

It is through my countless hours over the decades, blood, sweat and tears spent training that I have earned this right, I have stood out amongst everyone else and therefore have become the chosen one.

A recognition and distinction that I hold close, near and dear to my heart.

It is I who shall get rid of those you live dishonorably, have no respect for those appointed into positions above them, and those who live a life not exemplary of one chosen to live amongst the others of Honor Realm.

Through stratification, I have secured my spot amongst the highest classmen and are deemed worthy of becoming a leader of this realm.

But in order to cement my legacy and live on forever as an eternal God in Honor Realm, I must first enter battle with those chosen from other realms and restore dignity in a way most honorable…

By winning the Death Strike tournament.

Sixteen world warriors fighting and representing their realm.

This is my calling, this is opportunity.

This is what I have trained my entire life for.

This is why I have been chosen to spearhead this venture for Honor Realm.

Myself and fifteen other chosen ones from their respective realms will do battle.

Ten of these warriors shouldn’t even be here for they are just standing targets and will just become hashmarks signifying their untimely death on the wall of destiny.

Five of those that will make the trek, these are the real warriors, the fighters of their respective spaces and we have been bestowed the luck of having them in our presence.

For they make the battle worthwhile.

But the one, he is the true warrior that is willing to give up his entire well being in the name of honor.

With the integrity to fight with the highest of moral values and principles, and do so honestly.

And with the courage of a rabid beast and the fighting spirit of the 100 warriors who have fought in the name of the Honor Realm and successfully completed their mission and duty of restoration.

The one shall be the linchpin for all of Honor Realm and shall be called the Death Strike Champion.

It is my duty, and it is my destiny.

To live and die in the name of honor and service before self.

I am the ONE.

I shall bear true faith, and allegiance to the same as I carry out the orders of the honorable leaders and Gods appointed over me.

My name is BARKADA…

…And it is my duty to restore honor.