Hunt or Be Hunted

In Jinx, Promo by Jinx


“For the better part of the year, you and I have went back and forth, Luther.”

“When I came here to OSW, you didn’t even know who I was. You had no recollection of me, nor an idea as to why I had come searching for you.”

“We’ve battled back and forth throughout the year. I’m sure you’re quite acquainted with who I am now. Jinx is a name that you’ll not soon forget, just as I said it would be the night your throat was under my boot.”

“I could have killed you then.”

“The very first night I walked into Olympus could have been your last breath.”

“But I didn’t pull the trigger. I didn’t end your life because you had something of value to me.”

“You were the hand that caused my brother’s death, and if I wanted the answers as to why.. I had to let you go.”

“Even as the trickster I am, do you know how hard that was for me?”

“Under normal circumstances, I’d chomp at the bit for the chance to play with my food. But that night I had to let a murderer slip from my grasps.”

“Since then, the two of us has engaged in quite┬áthe game of cat and mouse. I would come to you and ask for answers again, and you’d wave me away.”

“It wasn’t until I gained the NXT Level Championship that the tables turned. Once that gold strap was in my possession, I was able to bait you along as you became the eager predator that you are.”

“It was the gold that enticed you to stop running from me and instead come actively seek me.”

“Here in Arcadia, it’s hunt or be hunted, Grim.”

“And you’ve never been the hunter you’ve claimed to be.”

“I am the true hunter here.”

“I am the one that came after you that night. I am the one that had you dead for rights the very first night we officially met.”

“I am the one that has chased you through the levels of Arcadia and had you looking around every corner before rounding it.”

“And when that didn’t work, I baited the trap that would bring you to me.”

“Now we’re heading into Red Snow.”

“And you’re walking right into my trap.”

“I’ve recently come to the realization that I no longer need you in order to get the answers to my questions.”

“When you enter The Hive come Red Snow, be damned sure that I will be there waiting to finish what I started.”

“And when my boot is across your neck this time, I’ll be sure to crush your fucking larynx.”

“Consider yourself the hunted, Luther.”

“When I drop your lifeless head at The Baron’s door, he’ll have no choice but to answer my questions.”

“You’ve played this game rather well, Luther Grim..”

“But in a few short days, it all comes to an end.”

“The snow will become red with the blood of MY prey.”