In Colt Ramsey, Promo by Colt Ramsey

I’ve spent my entire career focused on trying to bring the truth to the forefront…even when others would make every effort to hide it. My photographs and news coverage have always tried to shine a light in even the darkest corners of Arcadia…but for every detail revealed by the light, there is still something lurking in the shadows.

Something that is so ingrained into the history of Arcadia, that the further I dig into it the more it tries to pull me down and choke me out…and all for simply trying to do my job. I was called to this line of work to uncover the truth…not to let it bury me.

And boy, do I feel like I’m choking on the dirt now. At the behest of Zeus himself I’ve revealed the truth about the Uprising…and all it’s done is get people banging on my door demanding more answers.

Everything the light touches in Arcadia has a dark side, whether it’s a former lover of the Baron leading the very forces that call for his demise…or a Nobody willing to do his bidding as a favor. And what will Arcadia’s finest do about it? Follow orders to the letter, or face the Baron’s wrath.

And for all his words suggesting otherwise, not even the shining beacon of hope that is Jackson Cade is without fault. In fact, the brightest light of them all casts the deepest shadows…and the things lurking would terrify anyone who dug deep enough.

Except me.

I am not afraid of the skeletons in your closet, Cade. I’m aware of what you are capable of, when pushed to your brink…something far darker than the Specialist would care to share.

That makes you far less of an ally than you might think, Perseus. It’s what you have in common with Narcissa and Attano, that nasty side of you…the shadow.

And just like I told you at the People’s Voice, I think it’s about time you see mine.

Because the sad reality is, getting the truth can be like pulling teeth sometimes in Arcadia…so I’ll be bringing my tools of the trade to Olympus and prying what I need out of all three of you.

Narcissa Balenciaga will answer for what she’s done, leading this Uprising and then trying to make me take the fall when pressed to reveal herself. Trying to play both sides of a war she started, and for what cause? To stay hidden in the darkness?

She has been brought into the spotlight, and now she’ll have to face the heat.

Harold Attano has been doing the Baron’s dirty work, pushing me to finally reveal the truth…only to disappear back into the darkness as the mob comes to my door?

He will be dragged back into the light, forced to reveal what Zeus is holding over him.

And as for you, Cade? You will watch the last trace of hope get buried in the snow…leaving behind a lingering shadow, and what lurks within it.