In Promo by Zeus

A ship sailed through the many seas, its captain on a mission to collect the world’s greatest treasures.

The captain had collected all but one, vanquishing all those that tried to keep him apart from his prize.

One remained to complete the collection and it would be the crowning jewel of the entire hoard.

All that stood between the ship and the prize was a silent killer in the vast ocean.

An iceberg.

Despite having sunk many ships, the captain thought he could run right through that entity as cold as death and as old as the itch.

But as the ship drew closer the captain realised there was more to this foe than meets the eye; for the biggest danger lay hidden beneath the surface of the sea.

Knowing he could not simply run through this beast without causing self-destruction, the captain tried to evade but it was too little too late. Below the surface the glancing blows of the iceberg pierced the ship’s hull like daggers held by black hands hidden among the shadow of darkness.

The damage was irreparable. The ship would sink. And the captain would go down with it.

Sigil, you have been the captain of your own ship, journeying through the many realms of the cosmos on a mission to complete your collection.

You have obtained all the crystals of power, eliminating every possessor without remorse or consideration of the greater good. All except one.

It is the final article, the crowning jewel, the one that will make your collection the greatest in the universe.

All that stands between you and its possession is Death.

You thought you could run right through him like an icebreaker until it became apparent that what you could see on the surface wasn’t the whole iceberg.

Hidden below was the real danger, a silent killer as timeless as the itch.

You discovered The Black Hand too late, Collector. The hidden mass, the most dangerous threat from that which you set out to destroy.

You have reacted, like the captain, and tried to steer your vessel away from a collision that will almost certainly destroy you.

At Pandemonium you succeeded in avoiding that front-on impact but you couldn’t slide away from the iceberg without some damage. The glancing blows have been struck. Legacy is gone. The hull of your ship has been breached and their blood flow is just the start of the flood that will take you under.

You can put out a SOS, Sigil, but no-one is coming to save you. Legacy are dead. Viper Roberts is gone. You are out of lifeboats.

The damage to your cause is irreparable, the slow creep of death is upon you, Collector, and like a sinking ship you will be dragged into the neverending darkness of the abyss.

At Between Fuck & You, this ends for once and for all.

With your death.

While I remain the iceberg that guards what you will never collect.

For the greater good.