In Promo by Vigour

The man who has it all is most tempted by greed. You see it all around in the news. Fucking Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, walking around with their billions, but it’s just not enough for them. They always want something more.

Against that trope, there was a man who fought temptation in the name of faith.

Jesus motherfucking Christ. who fasted in the Judaean desert for 40 days and 40 nights, during which time the devil himself tried to tempt him to sin. But for all his trying the devil could not persuade the big JC to break his moral code and commit any sins. Jesus reached the end of those 40 days and 40 nights in the desert and returned to Galilee with his head held high.

And you know what, he deserves the props for that. 40 days and 40 nights whilst fasting? Ether would die just at the thought of it.

Sir Renault is on his own mission through the desert, right now. He thinks he’s like Jesus, on a holy mission in the name of God himself, taking each of those 40 days as they come and avoiding sin. But he is not like the man he wishes to emulate. Fuck no.

He travels through the desert more like a wild animal, stumbling from one dune to the next with no true guidance. The God he thinks speaks to him does not speak to him at all, instead he has already succumbed to the devil himself, but Satan tricks Renault into thinking he hasn’t. He whispers in Renault’s ear in the false voice of Yahweh and tells him to castigate those who are different. He tells Vayikra the kid who is stuck in the 80s must be ill in the head. He tells them the fucking sexual king is ill in the head. He tells them the alien is ill in both mind and body.

But they cannot see past the hate and hear the true voice of Satan who fills their heads with shit.

Jesus found his sanctuary in Galilee, but Vayikra are doomed to spend their eternity in the arid desert wastelands, forever searching for their own oasis, but forever cursed with only mirages. The mirage of TGK as one of their religious stooges. The mirage of Starboy toeing their heteronormative line in fear. The mirage of my fucking death. All of these things they thought were real but were all just a figment of their imagination.

For me, the real temptation is rooted in my own moral code. I have never been more tempted in my life than to obliterate Sir Renault where he stands. But what good would that do? If I try to silence him like he tries to silence me, aren’t I just a big fucking hypocrite?

So as tempting as that devil on my shoulder is, I will be the bigger man. I’ll resist the temptation to commit sin against him. He’s just not fucking worth it.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy legally giving him the fucking beating of his life in that ring.

So let’s do it now and do it loud!