In Sheep’s Clothing

In Promo by Vigour

I like to be fucking obvious, right? In your face, unabashed and proud. In my opinion there is no point in playing silly games when you can just tell people what you expect from them. But others prefer a sly approach. I’ve seen it happen before, dozens of times just since I ended up here. For in case in point just take a look at the fuckers that me and the Kid are teamed up with. Some sort of mystic bitch who hides behind the fates, and a living tank hidden behind a mask.

Even their introduction to each other was shrouded in secrecy. Fuck that shit. I need a weapon to fight the Ashen? I storm Goro’s office, rest his soul. I disagree with how someone is treating my friend? I tell them to their fucking face.

But worse than those people on my team for this, are those on the opposite side of the ring. The Blackharts. Masters of double and triple bluffing, I still have no idea whose side they’re actually on. They’re so far down the rabbit hole I doubt they even know. There is a term for them. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Vicious little bleeders, who are out only for what benefits themselves, hiding in plain sight to get closer to their prize. And the pair of them have done nothing but flit from flock to flock since they arrived in OSW.

Pyre, who pretended to be friends with Sweet Alice, only to bring about her downfall. Pyre, who pretended to be friends with Zero and Luke Storm only to bring about the demise of bMf. And Simon, who pretended to force Pyre into a loveless marriage, only to bring himself closer to watch that demise in real time.

And the latest flock of sheep they’re hiding behind? Jet Set Radio. Jet Set Radio are the biggest bunch of fucking sheep I’ve ever seen. They followed Simon into OSW without so much as a cursory glance, and when he helped Pyre betray bMf they stood by and said nothing.

But I’ve noticed that now they fucking start to see it, and the wool has started to fall from their eyes. Soon, the wool will be gone altogether, and Jet Set Radio will leave their sheephood behind them, able to stand on their own feet and see their own vision of the world rather than having it dictated to them.

But what of our poor wolves when that happens? Without a flock of sheep to blend in with, the wolves in their sheeps clothing will be exposed for the frauds they are. Out in the open, they’ll have nobody to latch onto and they’ll soon come to learn that they aren’t as strong as they thought they were, and there relationship isn’t as strong either. The sheep have fled the paddock, wolfies, and they won’t be coming back. What are you going to do? Huff and puff, and blow the house down?

Fuck off.

We’ve all got you sussed.

So let’s do it now and do it loud!