The Yard

In Promo by Deathnote

“Many years ago, I found myself locked in a prison.”

“Each day, we were allowed just a few hours of recreational time.”

“Each of the prisoners would saunter out into the yard. Many would play basketball, some would lift weights while others just enjoyed the sense of freedom they were given by sitting outside.”

“A big brute of a man sat on a stack of benches, overseeing the yard. As far as all the prisoner’s were concerned, this was his yard.”

“Nobody did anything without running it by him, uncontested for the most part.”

“That is, until a defiant new blood entered the pack.”

“Not privy to the way of the yard, this fresh fish came out for his first day of recreation and was immediately educated on how things were to operate.”

“That did not sit well with our new cell mate. The defiant prisoner had a serious problem with any sort of authority that wasn’t him.”

“The next day, all the prisoners poured out into the yard. There, the brute awaited with a grin on his face for the newcomer.”

“The two squared up, but this isn’t the story of a defiant hero that overthrew the evil brute that ruled the land.”

“Old School Wrestling is much like the yard.”

“And nobody is allowed to make a move without running their idea through me, the beefy brute that oversees this here yard.”

“It seems as of recent weeks that new blood has entered the land.”

“A newcomer who claims to be a taker of souls. But what is a self proclaimed soultaker to a Shinigami?”

“In my eyes, you’re just another defiant prick who thinks they can enter my yard and overthrow the biggest dog in the yard to claim it as their own.”

“But I am a true Shinigami. I am everything you claim to be and so much more. I am the God of the New World, the Prince of the Underworld.”

“Those visions of violent acts that plague your mind? I’ve carried those out with a smile on my face without breaking a sweat or a tear.”

“You may think that you have a chance of claiming this yard for yourself this week at High Voltage. You may think that you’ll be able to stare death in the eye and overcome it, but that is further from the truth.”

“The story of OSW has been written, and your name is no where in it, Tureos.”

“There is no place for defiance in my yard.”

“Come High Voltage, when you part those curtains to walk down that ramp way, the big bad brute will be standing there in the center of that ring with a smile on his face.”

“Because OSW’s story doesn’t have a happy ending of a defiant hero coming to save it’s people.”

“This is the story about how your fresh blood was smeared across the canvas as a message to anyone else who may have the same idea of becoming the next big man on campus.”

“Kneel before the Prince of the Underworld..”

“Because you’re in his yard now..”