In War, Play Dirty

In Harold Attano, Promo by Harold Attano

Sirens scream while I’m supposed to be on lockdown, but my door busts open.  Three people have decided it’s Nobody’s time to leave Deathrow as a riot rages outside my cell. 

I ask myself the questions I’ve as always, do you wanna put up a fight, do you wanna get out alive? 

And I turn to them saying, “If you wanna go, this is how it goes.  If you wanna roll, heads gonna roll If you wanna play we can play all day, but I play dirty.” 

Because I know something they don’t, I know everything that can be used as a weapon within arm’s reach, and I know they’ve come woefully unprepared. So, this can only end one way. 

Realizing like every chapter in my life, if I wanna live, I’m gonna have to kill. If I wanna win blood will need to spill. 

I inform them, “All is fair, this is waradvising them to, “say their prayers as they finally lock the door.  

That day they hauled three body bags from my cell, and I went back to living my life. 

Now here in OSW, my cell is the whole of Olympus and once more history is about to repeat itself. 

Three men have decided they’re going to march into my cell. They all think they can bring war to my front door, so let me ask all of you a couple of questions. “Do you wanna put up a fight? Do you wanna get out alive?” Because this can only end one way. This has only ever ended one way. 

Because Hardcore Rules means that I get to bring Deathrow to Olympus. I can show the whole of Arcadia what war surviving on Deathrow is.  

I will show them how easily their heroes break under those circumstances. 

Just how quickly your men of science find God in the presence of the true unknown. 

Or just how little your guiding lights shatter when placed under actual pressure. 

Because that’s what Nobody is, circumstances not even a kingdom of heroes has seen, an unknown quantity that even the smartest man in all of Arcadia can solve for, and a stress that not even the strongest of shepherds will crumble under in the presence of their flock. 

So, Doom, you should probably run for your life as this is the last problem you want to solve. 

Python, you should probably cover your eyes as not even the Kingdom has seen the violence I bring. 

While Grimskull, you should start writing your lies seeing as how you’ll need a way to explain to the bleaks your resurrection or lack thereof. 

As I won’t use sticks and stones, nah Nobody’s breaking bones. While you’re all together, all alone with Nobody. 

And Nobody remembers, that if I want to live, I may just need to kill. If I want to win, blood will need to spill. Because all will be fair in this war and mark my words, that most certainly means, I’ll play dirty