In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

Zealots. Every last one of them. They catch a whiff of anything evil, anything not of Kine and they hunt them down like rabid dogs.

The Inquisition has been a thorn in a Kindred’s side for centuries. Whenever one is called, we all have to walk on egg shells to ensure they don’t find and decapitate our leadership. Federal agents, local law enforcement all become weapons of the zealots that despise our existence.

We are deemed monsters by these people because we work in the shadows, we exist outside of their view of what is acceptable. Inhuman creatures, abominations. All words used to describe us. They understand so little, though. They believe that they know how we work, who we are. They try as hard as they can to understand the darkness that surrounds us.

It’s almost amusing watching them run around like chickens with their heads cut off as they hunt and track us down.

They are cruel, though. I’ve also seen what happens when they do manage to capture one of us. The vulgar display of violence they unleash on Kindred can make even the most heartless of us run cold.

They become monsters themselves when you look at it.

You’re no different. You are crusaders for Yahweh, God’s mighty warriors. You see darkness and evil everywhere you turn, blame those who are different than you for the state of the world.

You deem anyone different, anyone not like you, as sinners and evil. You whip up the crowds of zealots to hunt down anyone you have arbitrarily deemed evil.

From homosexuals to Kindred. You’ll see us as evil, though all we wish to do is exist.

Yes, some of us may exist at the expense of others. As parasites, but you are no different. You live off the sins, off the life of this Earth.

You justify your existence at all of our existence. You’re sins are no different from those you deem sinful, and it will always come back.

Like every Inquisition called to hunt down Kindred, you will fail. You’ll fall into obscurity when you see your efforts are meaningless.

The stakes are high for your crusade. If you succeed, if you drive sin from the world, you believe Yahweh will return.

But when you fail, when you see that for your goal to succeed you’ll all have to hang for the sins you’ve committed in your name, you’ll come to see the world for the dark place it truly is.

We are not the monsters you think we are. We are not the sinners you’d wish us to be. We are creatures that exist because of monsters like you. Because of sinful, monstrous liars, like religions make people, you create your own nightmares.

We are the example of that. I saw what happened, Vayikra. I saw the sin you displayed out there when you murdered a man whose only crime was existence.

Welcome to the World of Darkness, Vayikra, that you have created.

Carpe Noctem.