The Son

In Promo by The Impaler

I heard a story once about a successful group of soldiers during the crusades.  

Who upon their deaths, found themselves in front of Saint Peter. 

They thought they’d be judged worthy of the light of their God. 

They had slew so many in his name. 

But instead, Saint Peter was soon joined by the Son, who stood to the right hand of the Saint.  

The Son said, “You maimed and killed without giving a single thought to my teachings. I will hold true here what you held on Earth. You shall relive the suffering of your deaths in battle and the deaths of each you have caused for the rest of eternity.” 

He then turned coldly and left, leaving the soldiers to their fate. 

We have a group in OSW that fashions themselves as warriors of faith.   

They keep the name of the father in their mouths, they honor the holy spirit, yet they pay lip service to the Son. 

 The man who said, “Love thy neighbor as yourself.”  Mathew, twenty-two verse thirty-nine. 

The reason why Yahweh is more beloved than the Fallen One is because his Son showed the World forgiveness for giving into my master’s temptation.  

The Son was the one who made friends of the whores and lepers. 

All the while, Yahweh couldn’t have given two shits. 

Now Vayikra has taken it upon themselves to ignore that which the Prince of Peace died for. 

Without the love of the Son, Yahweh is nothing but a petulant ill-tempered child tossing his toys from the pram when things don’t go to his liking. 

An entitled father who believes he can control the lives of his children, oh wait that is exactly what he is. 

At least the Fallen One offered the world agency by giving them a choice to buy into the temptation.  

Speaking of wanting agency.  

You attempt to make Starboy’s life a waking misery just because they don’t behave in a way you find pleasing to your sensibilities. 

You committed murder.  You ended the life of Vigour in the name of your God.  

You’ve crucified The Generation Kid. 

You maim and sow ill in the name of your God forgetting that his Son taught the world to do the opposite. 

But don’t worry, unlike those Crusaders before you. You’ll be “forgiven” before you reach the great beyond. 

As I’ve volunteered to be your penance before you reach those pearly gates. 

I will beat five shades of “forgiveness” into you for what will feel like an eternity.  

I will lead you through eternal damnation and condemnation for your actions so that you may “rest peacefully” with your God and the Son upon your demise. 

My rage will be your clemency. 

I will force you to pay for your sins with your flesh and you will thank me for the kindness.  

It’s funny, that with the High Stakes involved, the Demon Legion will be showing Vayikra more “forgiveness” by giving them this consideration than Vayikra has ever shown anyone.