In Promo by The Sandman

Close your eyes…

Go to sleep.

Imagine an imposing building, made of concrete and steel. Bars cover its narrow windows, and tall fences topped with razor wire surround it.
Beyond the chainlink perimeter lies dense wilderness, perilous terrain, and hazardous wildlife.

The fortifications—be they natural or manmade—are to keep its inhabitants in, and visitors out.

Bad men reside here. Dangerous men.

So severe are their crimes, that they’ve been deemed irredeemable.
Too civilised to do to them what they did unto others, society locked them in a corner and threw away the key.

No parole or good behaviour, these men are condemned to look at the same four walls for the rest of their days.
Many have tried to break out, be they lone wolves or as part of a riot. Nobody has escaped, though.

One man is different from the rest. Whilst they plot and dream of freedom, he diligently serves his sentence.
When violence erupts, and inmates and guards clash, he elects to sit in his cell quietly.

Long ago, he had a revelation…
Everybody who tried to escape was trading in the safety of their confines for the dangers that lie outside.

They consider themselves trapped. He considers himself warm, sheltered, and fed.
He has everything he needs…

You’re a clever man, but you made a simple—and fatal— mistake.

Fortifying your mind with concrete and steel, you thought you could throw me behind bars and fence me off, but your prison lies inside my jungle.

Anyone else in my position would try to escape. Looking through the windows that are your eyes, and seeing the daylight outside, they’d dig a tunnel, file the bars, or climb through the sewer – desperate to break out and breathe fresh air once more.

Living in your head rent-free, though, I’m warm, sheltered, and fed; I’ve everything I need.

Until now, I had to wait for you to come to me. I could only touch you while you slept.
In your bid to lock me up and leave me to rot, you thought you’d thrown away the keys…

Instead handing them right to me. I didn’t need to start a riot, yet this inmate is now running the asylum.

Walking the wings, freeing your deepest, darkest secrets from their cells, I direct them all to the doors, jangling the keys in my hands.
For far too long, they’ve languished in solitude, dreaming of release.

Unlocking the doors and swinging them wide open, I usher your dark deeds and desires into the blinding light of the outside world.

Overwhelmed by their freedom, your most vulnerable thoughts and feelings encroach into my jungle, blissfully unaware of their predicament…

I am dangerous. I’ve been very bad. I’ve committed heinous crimes, and I’m irredeemable. At InVasion, I’ll do to you what I’ve done unto so many others.
There’s no sentence long enough or severe enough, and no prison that can hold me.

Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak

Sssweet dreams, Robertsss.

One, two, Sandman’s comin’ for you…