The Totem

In Promo by Deathnote

“At the heart of a small village towered a totem.”

“This totem was over 40 feet tall and so round you couldn’t touch either side.”

“Legend has it that if a man or woman could ascend to the top of the totem they would be blessed with all of the riches that the village had to offer.”

“Decades went by, and though many of people tried.. nobody could ever seem to make it to the top.”

“Most were too weak to make it past even the half way point. Others, had the strength needed to make it half way up, but their stamina faltered and their arms and legs grow tired and shaky. They too, fall back to the earth in failure.”

“But one cloudy day, a young man grabbed his straps and stood at the base of the totem looking up in confidence. Today was the day that he would forever etch his name in the history of the villages lore.”

“As the villagers woke from their slumber, they poured into the center of town to watch the spectacle. The young man threw his strap around the back part of the totem with one hand and grabbed it in his other. He pulled firmly on the straps to make sure they were snug as he began his climb.”

“It was a sight to see. The young man had already climbed further than any man or woman before him.”

“And as the villagers looked on, cheering, he conquered the totem.”

“Old School Wrestling is much like that village.. and at Invasion there will be a totem sitting in the middle of that ring in the form of a ladder. Reach the top and take the brief case, and all the riches that this village has to offer could be yours.”

“Many men and women will gather in that ring, looking to conquer the totem.”

“Many of them will be too weak to ascend much past the midway point. Their hopes and dreams shattered by their own physical inabilities.”

“The rest will grow shaky limbs, unable to push their physical limits past their brink in order to reach the top of the totem.”

“But then there’s the determined villager, with the confidence of a bald eagle.”

“I am that villager.”

“I am the one who will enter Invasion and stare up into the rafters at the prize at hand with the will, stamina, and strength to ascend to the top.”

“And once I conquer this totem.. Old School Wrestling will belong to me.”

“Inside that briefcase lays all the riches that this village has to offer and soon enough it will be within these hands.”

“As I ascend to the top of that ladder, I will begin the journey towards taking my rightful place at the throne.”

“Leaving all the villagers to look on in shock and awe as I look down upon them with the most luxurious of prizes in my grasps.”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“Or fall back to the earth in failure just like those before you.”