Lesser Evil

In Promo by Zeus

When Dr.Jekyll drank his concoction he believed he may be ushering the next step in human evolution.

But what he got in return was something he would never have bargained for.

The concoction, mixed with his blood, produced a mutation that gave birth to Mr. Hyde.

Jekyll’s alter ego; a creature of unhinged rage; a beast of unrestrained ego that acted out every dark impulse unabashed.

Dr. Jekyll, in search of the greater good, gave life to a great evil.

Realising the horror embodied within him, Jekyll put vast effort into controlling the beast. It was no easy task because Hyde’s hunger was insatiable and he always burst free eventually.

Each time Hyde took control of Jekyll’s body, his possession was longer and the terror he unleashed was more violent and bloody.

Hyde could never be negotiated with, nor could he be tamed.

In the end Jekyll had a choice between a lesser and a greater evil. To murder Hyde or allow his usurption to the great ruin of the world.

Jekyll knew the price and as he swung from his lab ceiling, with his final breath he knew choosing the lesser evil was for the greater good.

When you were bitten by that vampire and you began to feel the effects of magi-blood fusing with yours, I am sure you felt like evolution was taking place within your own body.

However, Lucy, what you didn’t factor in your ecstasy of feeling more powerful was that cocktail of blood would mutate into a second self.

Lucy Malice was the trade-off you had to accept Seraphina, but hadn’t reckoned on darkness that your beast held.

It’s a complicated relationship, one you thought you could handle to your advantage. But every bloodthirsty monster will break free of its leash and Malice’s thirst can never be quenched.

You can feel her fighting deep inside of you, clawing her way to the surface. Each time Malice takes control, you lose it a little at a time.

Malice does not want to share, nor is she anyone’s pet. You cannot control the beast. It is not an asset for the profession but a scourge. How long, Lucy, before Seraphina is squeezed out and the Malice within you assumes complete control.

You have been burdened with the same choice as poor Dr. Jekyll. It’s a choice between committing a lesser evil or allowing the greater evil to persist.

But poor Lucy, you buckle under the obligation of such a choice. You know what must be done for the greater good but you simply cannot do it. The price is too high.

Fortunately, The Black Hand exists for this purpose and we never shirk our responsibility. No cost is too much.

I am going to lighten your load Lucy, take the choice away and bring you peace and comfort at last.

When you are swinging from the rafters of The Slaughterhouse, with your final breath you can take solace that in being victim of a lesser evil, in death you finally served the greater good.