In Promo by Zeus

I remember vividly the time I discovered I was infested with tapeworm.

A noxious parasite that had tethered itself inside of me. It became a living nightmare as this hidden demon terrorised my body from within.

Drawing strength directly from me, this innocuous invader began modestly, taking in a way that I would not notice.

But the more more the worm drew from me, the bigger the spread of its infestation. The bigger this foul one grew, the more it took from me to sustain its power.

As I became weakened by it’s surreptitious inflictions the monster grew stronger, more powerful and a tougher threat to dislodge.

I tried various treatments to exorcise this phantom but they had very little effect on removing the creature.

Eventually I had to accept the only solution was an unpleasant one, something everyone involved in my case up to that point refused to countenance.

For the greater good of my body, I had to get my hands filthy, grab that tapeworm and pull it out of my arsehole.

Once that vile monster was untethered and corporeal in my hands, I took one look at that heinous, hideous head and tore it clean off its body putting that worm into an eternal deep sleep.

The world is infected with its own tapeworm.

A malignant parasite that was tethered here, wreaking havoc in our most hidden, intimate spaces: our minds.

Through its furtive endeavours this monster has taken strength directly from the world, feeding on fear, gaining strength as souls are weakened by the grip of a living nightmare.

This worm they call The Sandman.

It began in ways we could not notice. Lucid Falls was an unseen nightmare but slowly through this The Sandman’s power grew. As the parasite increased, so did his appetite. He took bigger bites, drawing from big meals offered by OSW.

Like a tapeworm, as he grew larger and stronger, The Sandman has proven a more onerous monster to exorcise.

Many treatments have been tried but despite the best efforts of monster hunters, a bad motherfucker and every flavour of medicine on this roster, the demon succeeds in draining from the bowels of this world.

They have all failed because none have been able to stomach a simple truth: if you really want to purge a tapeworm you have to be prepared to get your hands smothered in shit.

Untethered Sandman, now you are corporeal in this world and vulnerable to the touch of The Black Hand of Death.

Like I did many years ago I am ready to reach deep inside the bowels and pull out a tapeworm, dragging you through the walls of The Slaughterhouse, which is truly the sphincter of this world.

With my grip this world will be freed from your foul feeding frenzy.

And with a twist of your neck you will be smothered by the eternal night and an endless deep sleep.

For the greater good.