Yellow Brick Road

In Promo by Zeus

There is a yellow brick road that shines like gold leading all the way to an Emerald City.

Along the route are many travellers and presently they include Dorothy, a girl with big dreams who has been spun out of Kansas into this strange land.

In the great city Dorothy seeks the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, who is said to have the power to grant any wish.

On her journey Dorothy encounters several individuals.

A scarecrow, who wants to collect and own a brain to make him more powerful.

A Tinman who seeks a new heart so he can feel again the love he once had.

A cowardly lion who desires the courage to become the beast he believes he was born to be.

They all have a wish and to earn the favour and the power of Oz, they must defeat the most powerful being in the land: the witch of the west. A supernatural being who must meet her end with a watery grave.

There is a road soaked in gold inside The Slaughterhouse, a yellow brick road leading to the Emerald City of Wrestle Heroes.

All travellers on the road are heading there, eyes fixed on gaining the enormous power they believe will grant them whatever they wish: the OSW World Championship.

There are plenty of Dorothies on the yellow brick road, folk who have the feeling they aren’t in Kansas anymore. Lambs who hope to become wolves in order to survive and thrive in this weird and wicked world.

Along the way they will meet Sir Bellator. A man who is trying to find the courage to be the saviour he has been told he was born to be, but is struggling to do so in a world smothered by vast darkness since the light of the gods went out.

They will also encounter Voynich. Broken hearted by betrayal, it is not the best kept secret that this weary traveller seeks the warmth of feeling love again in this world.

There will also be Sigil. A being who desires the power of the OSW Champion like it’s a new brain that will invigorate him on his quest.

To gain that favour and that power, the Dorothies and the merry trio must overcome another. Not from the west, but the deep of the seven seas. One who too must be vanquished to a watery grave.

In this drama, though, there is no plot for any hero to rise from the yellow brick road.

Courage, heart and intellect is nothing against the unyielding force of the greater good and there are no silver shoes that can perform a magical escape.

As for “the witch”, the rain has come and the forecast inside The Slaughterhouse is torrential. Your time to melt into your watery grave inside The Locker is upon us.

For the greater good, The Black Hand of Death will grasp the throat of everyone until every breath is squeezed out.

No more heroes.

Just carrion for crows.