Lift You Up

In Promo by Sir Renault

My brothers and sisters,

Has anyone in the house ever felt down in the dumps?

Trapped in the shadows— out of reach from God’s ethereal light?

Contemplating antidepressants— or worse?

Then please lend God your ears this morning, because this sermon is for you.


Is a normal human emotion. We were created to feel, both within ourselves and externally to connect with our fellow believers.

If it were not for the seemingly inescapable valleys we often find ourselves in, we would not be able to appreciate the exuberant peaks our lord and savior gifts us.

I share with you a testament from the Prophet Isaiah:

“Fear not, for I am with you;
be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous hand.”

See, good news is: no matter how scary depression can feel, God reminds us that He is on our side.

There is nothing to fear if you place your trust in Him; God will lift you up to help you weather the storm, giving you the strength that no other type of medicine ever could provide you.

Please allow me to share a story about a boy.

Yes-uh— I says a boy!

A sinner— not unlike any of you, my believers.

He came to the slaughterhouse on a mission: to fornicate-uh the world with his brother and sister.

And God as my witness, he rode his horse up the mountain of Old School Wrestling-uh with pomp and bravado until he almost reached the summit!

In the final four of Lambs-uh to the Slaughter, it looked like he would accomplish his mission…

But something happened—

Do you want to know what happened?

I says— do you want to hear what happened-uh?!

His own brother— the man Tag put all his faith and love into— fornicated him!

Betrayed him!

Disgraced him!!

And down the mountain he sled like an avalanche, taking his anger and frustration out on his own brother until he found himself at the bottom of Soda Pop Frequency’s bowl.

Too depressed now to go out and fornicate the world, he hides himself in the dark confines of the Slaughterhouse— fornicating himself instead.

But fear not, Tag!

You are not alone, my brother.

At FTW 269, Father Renault is with you.

I will walk with you through the valley of the shadow of death—

My rod and my staff, they will comfort you—

And when my cup runneth over—

Like an avalanche-uh—

I shall anoint your head with my holy oil.

Yes-uh, I will give you the strength you need to climb out of that hole and back to your former glory!

For God is the almighty doctor, and Vayikra is the only prescription you need to lift your spirits back up to your highest peak, my brother!

And when you feel his warmth inside and all over you, all I ask of you is this one simple request:

Please, call me Daddy.

Can I get an amen?!

Deus vult-uh.