In Promo by Deathnote

“It’s a popular belief that no matter how many sins one may commit during a lifetime.. all will be forgiven so long as they repent before the rapture.”

“A young male spent his entire life causing ruckus.”

“He was the type of kid to throw spitwads in school and pull the fire alarm. He was the type of kid that pushed the old lady trying to cross the road off the sidewalk in order to get by.”

“In short, he was a menace.”

“After spending many of days back and forth, in and out of juvenile detention.. he woke up. He had an epiphany that the way he was living life was incorrect. And he came to the realization that if he wanted to live a peaceful afterlife he would indeed need to repent. He would need to make right with God to stand within his presence during the second coming.”

“Therefore, he changed his lifestyle. He started walking on eggshells. He started changing his ways. No longer would he neglect the old lady trying to cross the busy intersection, but now he would stop and offer his assistance.”

“He began to repent.”

“He began to live a life on the straight and narrow, but nothing would change. Life continued to give him the short end of the stick.”

“Despite the trials and tribulations he endured due to the past life he lived, he continued on. Thinking that one day, Jesus would descend from the heavens and give him the forgiveness he had been working so hard to achieve.”

“But that day never came.”

“His savior never descended from the sky.”

“And on the day of his judgement, he was dragged into the depths of hell to pay for the sins he once committed.”

“Sir Bellator is a living embodiment of this notion. However, instead of living the life of the straight and narrow, Sir Bellator repented to do, as he says, God’s dirty work.”

“The quest on which he has embarked on with his brethren has sent him down a darker path than the one he had previously lived. One that he justifies by claiming to work for the savior.”

“However, we live in a world where the Gods have fallen. And the turn of the new year began the rapture.”

“I am the second coming. I am the one that stands above all the rest, ready to pass judgement to those who deserve it.”

“And this week, Sir Bellator.. all of your self-claimed repentance has been for nothing. For I am not blind to the destruction and the sins of which you’ve committed under the Vayikra name.”

“Though you may think you have done this work under the impression of repentance, you’ve been living a life of sin.”

“And for those sins, I will make sure to drag you to the depths of hell. You may think you’ve been born again, but this week.. your life ends in the tragedy it has always been destined for.”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“And prepare to pay for the sins in which you’ve committed.”