In Promo by Starboy

Have you ever known someone who sucked?

Like, they sucked so bad at something that it was all they were ever known for.

They could be good at something but it doesn’t even matter.

Because all that people remember or associate with you is that you suck.

That you suck real bad.

You even end up with the reputation for sucking being that only thing that you were good at.

So what do you do?

Do you try to become something greater so that your reputation precedes you?

Or do you grab it by the balls, make it your bitch, and own that shit?

Luckily for STARBOY, he has a reputation for sucking and is damn proud of it.

STARBOY can suck in the morning, suck in the evening, even suck at supper time.

One time, STARBOY got hired to hide under a table and partake in a game of round table roulette for a bunch of rich business men.

Every round, they were able to figure out right away who was getting

the biz from STARBOY and lost every time.

But the real winner was moi because I walked out with a mouthful of liquid gold and a pocket full of cash.

At Fuck The World, we will see who sucks the hardest, and who sucks the most.

Because two people with the reputation of sucking battle it out for the crown.

Kaine, you dirty, brooding, handsome man you.

You love to suck don’t you?

You can’t wait to get your hands on unsuspecting victims and bite them with those sexy fangs of yours.

And as you pierce them, and penetrate deep, down inside their skin, you suck them dry of their blood.

Much like you, I can’t wait to get my hands on good looking, broad shouldered men like you and have them penetrate deep, down my throat and suck them dry of their man juice.

Lucky for you and lucky for me, I get the chance to see if you really cum at night and have to leave by morning sunrise.

Because STARBOY has no problem spending all night showing you just much much he sucks.

Bite me…

Touch me…

Suck me….

Please me…

I’m begging you my lord.

On my hands and knees with my hands clasped around your stake.

Drive your stake deep inside my dark place and show me just who Kaine Knightlord really is.

But in the end we all know how this will end.

STARBOY will suck every last drop of that sweet, thick liquid out of you.

He will suck you dry until the sun rises.

And STARBOY will still be reigning, defending, undisputed sucker of OSW.

Call me the cock sucker mother fucker.

Cause STARBOY sucks all day and all night long.

But you my friend will have to wait until darkness falls to suck another day.

Because at the end of the day you’re just a sucker.

STARBOYs coming for you….

and he ALWAYS cums!!!