Failures of History

In Promo by Chronoa

A shadow that tore itself apart in the blinding light to drive away the endless night.

An unfeeling monster who gave up eternity to see a little birdie fly once more.

A psychotic madman obsessed with love who trapped himself in an endless nightmare of solace to protect the afterlife from damnation.

It’s a cycle, arrogance and greed are rewarded as the purest of evil rises to the top yet show the slightest hint of humanity and remorse is all it takes to be dragged down into the depths of hell.

This ain’t no place for a hero yet time and time again people still try to do the right thing.

Fight against organised tyranny though they falter every step of the way and watch those they love dwindle into madness.

Feel the shame of lose and anger of betrayal while they refuse to see the other side of the argument.

Shackle themselves to the chains of love so any would be psychopath can break you without lifting a single finger.

Because noble it may be, it’s a sentence of death none the less.

For these halls don’t care for your virtue or the love you feel radiating whatever remains of that blackened heart,

It simply craves blood and death, to feel another body slowly decay within it’s graveyard.

In OSW, you live a villain or die a hero and those who fail to learn from history are fools doomed to repeat it.

And just like your father Lucy, you’re the biggest fool of them all.

Your entire race was predicated on a curse delivered from the most reprehensible act of all.

And Caine’s unhealthy desire to try and make up for his actions.

See the mark just made him immortal, but his need to reverse Abel’s death gave him the eternal curse of vampirism.

Sent him on the spiralling path of rage and regret that created his progeny, all along the generations to you.

A 10th generation childe who thinks she’s hot shit because amongst her little anarchy ridden friends she’s powerful

Because in a broken society of cowards, she’s the only one who actually does shit.

But so many more powerful then you have tried to fight against the natural current of death and decay and failed miserably.

Kings, Emperors, even the first creation of evil itself fell to the true of this temple and even I couldn’t summon even strength to turn it into what it should be.

And compared to me Lucy, you may as well have been newly embraced for all the chance you stand against fate itself.

Age is power Seraphina, and I was old when I witnessed Caine slay Abel. Your magic is rudementary at best and what good is an assassin against someone who cannot die?

So run away to your little Camarilla and search for your brother no more.

For the foundation of this place is littered with those who refused to learn from the mistakes of the past.

And if you’re not careful, Night City shall also be your final embrace.