Bags of Gold

In Promo by The Generation Kid

“Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ entrusted three servants with bags of gold, so that they could grow their master’s wealth.”

“The first servant, he was given five bags of gold and asked to retain or improve upon this wealth.”

“The second was given no bags of gold and asked to accumulate wealth.”

“And the third was given one bag of gold and asked to retain it.”

“When the master finally returned from his sabbatical, he called upon his servants to see their results.”

“The first servant had lost everything. He came back empty handed, telling the Lord how a maniac had stolen his Gold from within his grasp; he couldn’t get it back and therefore had failed him.”

“The second servant also came back with nothing. The Lord had asked him to accumulate wealth from nothing but his own ingenuity, yet he failed. At no point in his master’s sabbatical did the second servant ever achieve or accumulate anything.”

“And finally, the third servant returned with his one bag of gold. He had not accumulated more; in fact, he brought back exactly what he took. The Lord asked him why he did not increase his wealth, and the man responded that he had been defending it from attackers, had lost it, but regained it, and had walked through the fire and brimstone to bring him back what he had trusted him with. He daren’t disobey the Lord and accumulate more.”

Sanctus Bellator, our Lord entrusted you with the VHS Championship – worth five bags of gold in anyone’s currency. Yet despite his request to retain or improve upon that wealth, you failed. You let a lunatic, a maniac, rip it from within your grasp and make a mockery of it.”

Sir Renault, you were given nothing and have achieved nothing. You were asked to make something out of that nothing in your Lord’s name and you’ve been unable to do so. You haven’t won a piece of Gold since you arrived; you have neither earned or created anything for our Lord.”

“And finally, Sir Gable – you claim to be a servant of the Lord, but you’re not the one he entrusted with a bag of Gold. You weren’t even considered by him as someone worthy enough to be a servant, which is why you’re at my door, looking to take the bag of Gold.”

“Because I’m the one he entrusted with it. I’m the one he entrusted with the Rewind Championship and I now stand, awaiting his return, The OSW Rewind Champion. I have the bag of Gold he gave me and I’m doing exactly as the Lord requested; I’m retaining it.”

“When he finally returns from his sabbatical to see what we have done with his instructions, it will be clear.”

“Sir Bellator has lost it all.”

“Sir Renault couldn’t gain a thing.”

“And The Generation Kid did exactly as he was asked; he retained his bag of Gold, despite false prophets claiming to be a servant of the Lord.”