Wheat and Weeds

In Promo by Sir Bellator

‘Wheat and weeds cannot grow peacefully together. Any gardener will tell you that… Are you wheat or weed?’

The kingdom of God is like a field of wheat. Grown from good seed, the wheat promised a fruitful harvest.

But as the sower of the field slept, his enemy came and planted weeds among the wheat. So when the wheat grew and formed heads, the weeds also grew with them. Planted together, their roots would become intertwined. So the sower and his workers could not pull the weeds out of the field, for they would also uproot the grain. If untended, the parasitic weeds could threaten the life of the entire crop.

Instead, they waited until both grew to harvest. They collected the wheat and weeds together, bundling the wheat for the harvest, and bundling the weeds to be burned.

The field of Old School Wrestling once promised a fruitful harvest. Yahweh surveyed his field fondly and watched as his crops grew.

The fall started with a single weed, a virus. But as the weed grew, it spread. Sin was allowed to run rampant, until the weeds choked the life out of the harvest.

And darkness befell the land once more.

You, Starboy, are a product of that process. You are but a weed in the field, a product of sin enabling sin.

You are a beacon of that darkness that entered the world.

Unashamedly, you stand for the very qualities that taint this world. Sexual immorality, promiscuity. Your very nature poisons the good grain around you, pathetic weed.

The weed that chokes out the grain.

But there is hope, a light of hope in a field of weeds.

The sower of the good seed may have gone, but his workers remain. We faithfully tend the field, preparing his harvest for His return.

And as a faithful servant, I have watched you and your sinner friends grow alongside the wheat that remains faithful.

Choking the life out of that which is righteous, by your mere abominable presence.

You, a beacon of sin, are an idol to those that have allowed the darkness to consume them.

And false idols must be removed.

I have waited long enough; now the time comes for the harvest to commence, for the sorting to begin.

As a nasty weed, you will rightfully be dealt with as such. When we meet in the ring this week, I will cut you down. You have been given your chance to grow, even given your chance to throw off your sinful ways and become a head of wheat yourself – to be re-educated on the path of righteousness. Instead, you have sealed your future with a childish prank and a little stardust.

Now you will be dealt with as the farmer deals with all other weeds. Thrown into the fire and burnt to nothingness.

Forgotten, where your influence can no longer choke the life out of the true harvest.

The harvest is upon us. Those that are not wheat will be burned.

Your sin has sealed your fate.