Little Doggie

In Promo by Tag

“Have you ever heard of puppy play?”

“It’s simple. One person gets on all fours, puts on a leather dog mask, and acts like a little bitch for their owner.”

“Kinda hot, won’t lie.”

“See, these subs, or dogs, are entirely at the mercy of exactly one person.”

“The one holding their leash.”

“Soon as that leash hits their hand those little doggies are like putty, man. A yank and a shout and you can get one of those puppy faced gimps to do whatever you want.”

“Roll over.”


“Bend over.”

“No matter how big and fucking bad you think you are, once the mask goes on and the collar gets tight you know you’re place in the bedroom.”

“Nah, in the world, man.”

“No matter who’s watching them, they’ll always listen to their owner. They don’t have a choice, it’s their nature to be a bitch for daddy while he gets right behind them and mounts them like the toy they are.”

“And the dog?”

“They’ll take every single thrust while whining, begging for more.”

“All you need is a leash, and the dog will come.”

“Or cum. Either one.”

“See, Zero, you like to walk around OSW like you’re a big, bad mother fucker. The big dog in the small yard who won’t take shit from nobody. Your bark is bigger than your bite, though.”

“And I know why.”

“Because once you’ve been collared and leashed? You ain’t nothing but a bitch in heat.”

“I know, man, I know. My boy Simon’s into the pups, right? He’s got a nice paper leash in hand, your divorce papers. Ever since he clipped that to your collar you’ve been heeling back on your hind legs with a needy little look on your face.”

“He’s got all the power with that leash, man. He can make you lay down, roll over, and take the pin from anyone and everyone in this big bedroom we call OSW. You’ve gone from big dog to little bitch in three seconds flat.”

“And no one respects a bitch.”

“I know how this is gonna go down, puppy. Once Fuck the World comes around a whole orgy of us is gonna get into that ring with the express interest of taking those titles off your waist.”

“To make you cum.”

“And everyone is gonna give it their go, right? Vayikra gonna hit you with some missionary shit.”

“Maybe Rainbow Party goes for something more creative, a DP or spit roast.”

“But none of it’s gonna work, right?”

“I know what will though.”

“Cause me and Ether? We got Simon on our side, pup.”

“We got that mother fuckin’ leash!”

“And once we get between those ropes her and I are gonna dick you down doggy style, run a two man train on you while Pyre just watches.”

“We hold the power in our hands.”

“So do me a favor, little doggie.”

“Bend over, spread them legs, and beg.”

“Because you and your titles? You’re about to be tagged and bagged.”