Mt Sinai

In Promo by Sir Gable

As the world spins its endless cycle, us human beings do the same.

Wake up, get ready, go to work with people you hate to support the people you love, come home and give the people you want to give the world the little bit you have left, then rest.

Day in and day out, the cycle continues.

The most common part of this cycle is the endless sins sprinkled throughout our day.

So common, it’s one of the few things we have left in common with our ancestors.

Replace the horse and buggy with the automobile.

Replace the replacer with an electric version of itself.

It doesn’t matter the mode of transport, we’ve all lied in them or used them to get to a destination where we can perform more debauchery.

Sin has been such a constant that ages ago, Yahweh sent Moses to climb Mt Sinai to bestow upon him the ten commandments that could make this world a better place.

He left his family, his friends, all those who looked up to him to follow the lord’s command.

It took him 3 days of climbing that mountain to understand why the lord sent him there.

Although it was an arduous journey, he received the stone tablets that gave us the rules we needed to to follow to make not only our lives better but the world better.

When Moses returned from the mountain, he was greeted with confusion.

That confusion soon turned to adulation as after Moses delivered the commandments, he ensured that they would enjoy a land of milk and honey as long as they followed the words from God himself and the directions from Moses.

They walked the desert for forty years and eventually found the land that was promised to them.

Moses wasn’t able to enjoy it but he did get them to the promised land.

He passed away as they found it.

Ever since I found out about my destiny, I have felt like Moses.

I’ve lost my family, friends, all the people I used to love for this new path I made.

I went from a worshiper of gold to worshipping only the lord.

I’m about to climb a mountain I’ve been staring at for years and not only will I conquer it, I’ll come back down with more than I had with me.

Like Moses before me, I will drink from the wellspring and recieve knowledge that will alter the lives of those around me for years to come.

I will guide my people, my brothers to the promised land and even if I have to die so they may receive the lord’s gift, every step, every heartache, every triumph, every defeat will be worth it so they are provided for.

Moses climbed the mountain because Yahweh told him to.

Millenia later, he is calling on me to do the same.

The difference is I’m not taking commandments down with me.

I’m taking names.