Little Voice

In Promo by Chronoa

Picture a moment in crisis when you need to choose between absolutes of right and wrong. The proverbial angel and devil on your shoulders.

One provides the solution that’s true and just yet may lead you down a harsh and traumitising path to find it. The other offers something quick and easy that ultimately devolves into a terrible decision that could rip apart your very soul.

Because even after millenia, I truly believe every person is good to the core, that there’s a shining light inside that guides us the best it can.

Yet through rage, fear, jealousy and grief, we dilute that light until it’s almost black and let something else manipulate us into something worse.

It’s that little voice inside your head that twists and manipulates, dilutes your conscience and desire for good as it worms it’s fetrid little tendrils inside your heart as it points you down the wrong path and makes you believe it’s the only path you can ever take.

Even as another voice screams for you to listen to reason.

Just like your father wished he had.

His light was almost extinguished through pain, jealousy and years of misplaced righteousness. Isolated and vulnerable, a terrifying force echoed dulect tones of wrath masquered in the symphony of a loving god.

Under the pretences of rapture, he tortured souls, tore apart bodies and imprisoned helpless minds as far too many suffered under the darkness that was Lux Bellator.

Walking hand in hand with the mother of evil herself, witnessing the birth of the anti christ itself and preparing for the slow, torturous demise of billions

Because it’s all justified when the chosen few rise to their rightful place in heaven. A far cry from the righteous soul who preached love and acceptance.

It’s no wonder that the first thing your father did when his mind was clear is subject himself to absolute agony and torture to repent for his guilt.

And now your uncle is walking the same path, while you follow like a good little lamb for the slaughter.

Do you truly think Death would go against every principle and commit an action he considers subhuman for a being he despises?

He’s feeding the Dragon nothing but empty promises and veiled lies, and even through your grief and need, I thought you of all people would see through that.

Renault is a crazed zealot, and Cael’s looking for any chance to save his own skin but your father taught you better Sanctus.

For just like the Dragon was the only person to believe the light was still there, the Bellator’s are the only ones who can quell the fire.

I wonder though, has it allready burnt away the rational in your mind or was that the blood of those you called your friends?

See the fall began when Bellatorum lost the tag team titles and fate shall repeat itself once more.

For with a simple count of three, chaos shall drive you from the light.

And just like the father, the only person the son can blame for his fall from grace

Is the fool who listened to the devil.