Little Voice

In Promo by Jensen Cussen

Once upon a time there was a hero who could never escape the shadow of his fathers failures.

Indoctrinated in a failed legacy, he escaped time and space itself to try and forge his own path.

He held hands with angels, he spilled the blood of demons and the soul-less and accepted the help of the faithless.

Hoping to find absolution in those like minded, he soon became ostracized through history he could never replicate as he truly felt alone in the universe.

His power grew with each victory yet the spoils were limited and fruitless as he soon found himself despondent and following the same path he swore he would never tread.

As broken and helpless, the child heard a voice within the depths of purest darkness that whispered twisted hymns of everything he ever wanted to hear.

A chance to fix everything, to make the world whole again and more importantly, the only thing he truly desired most would finally be within his reach.

True peace.

But little did the so called hero realize what that peace would take away from him.

Destroy the demons who seek to corrupt your power it said as they were drawn unwillingly to your aura.

Punish the wicked who subvert the name of the righteous it said as the so called sinners only crime was attempting to live a normal life.

Spill the blood of the one who failed you as all he ever wanted was to make sure you never made the same mistakes.

With every drop of blood the hero spilled, his soul twisted and decayed until he became the very villain he swore to protect the world from.

And as his enemies rallied to make him see the light, they found not the twisted soul who used to be pure of heart but a broken corpse.

Used up, decayed and withered from within by the evil he listened to beyond reason as in the end, his death gave him what he wished for.

But kid, swimming in the tsunami won’t ever bring Yahweh back.

All it’ll do is ensure you drown with the rest.

It’s funny how you leapt through time itself to forge your own path and become a different man then your father

Yet the look in your eyes when you came within moments of ending his life

Was the same look Lux had in the pouring rain when my grandchild was born.

Absolute malevolent insanity

And just like Mother twisted your fathers mind, Death is twisting yours

Whispering the sweetest of lies in that foolish little head of yours, as you become everything Yahweh would despise.

Because Lux had an excuse, twisted , manipulated and broken at the lowest of his life.

But you know the evil you commit Sanctus and you willingly sell your soul on the words of the man who murdered the Gods with his bare hands.

But death won’t ever get to reap another Bellator because I will open your eyes to the truth

Before Vengeance itself drowns you in the very darkness you chose to swim within.