Locked Out

In Promo by Simon

Somewhere in one of the many bustling cities of technology, there is a tech facility of grave importance.

Deep inside this facility, amongst all the wires, buttons, and switches, is a communication system that must be protected at all cost.

So valuable is this system that it is protected by a team of the finest IT experts and specialists.

And at the heart of this system, the use of two-person integrity.

Two authorized specialists are expected to be present when handling the materials.

Two combination locks are expected to be used on the containers securing these materials.

And, two locking devices are expected to be used in conjunction with a physical barrier.

The system prevents just one person to have full access to the material, to avoid potential theft or other damage.

It’s a pretty straightforward system, and it works well.

At least, until something goes wrong.

And all it takes is one missing device.

One missing lock.

One missing specialist.

And the whole system falls into disarray.

The crew panics as they search frantically for the missing equipment, and the missing person holding it.

Without the specialist and their part of the security protocol, there stands a major problem.

The search continues, until they finally discover the missing expert.

Knocked out cold.

And the equipment remains missing.

Suddenly, off in the distance, the main exit opens.

And a thief escapes with the key to the kingdom.

That communication system is secure, alright.

And now, they’ve all been locked out.

Such is the danger of putting too much trust in others.

Xavier, Lucas, you two had such a strong bond as bMf.

So much trust you had in each other.

And so much trust you had in my sweet, sweet Pyre.

But it was never meant to last, was it?

That bond was so important to you, that you built up a system of your own to protect it.

You had each other’s backs, no matter what.

You made your decisions together, at all costs.

Even chasing the World Championship was a group decision, if only for two of you to agree that the other would shoot their shot and see what happens.

And then, it happened.

Zero went and won the World Championship.

And then he retained it.

And that bond you shared was so strong that you never considered once that one of you would break it.

That one of you would make off with the key to the kingdom.

My queen.

And your worst nightmare.

Because now, you’re left scratching and clawing for one more shot.

One more chance to get to the promised land.

But you lost that access when you lost the title, Xavier.

Because now, we hold the keys.

We have control of the system.

We had our fun dangling the keys over your heads, but the time for games is over.

And now, you and Lucas will have to suffer at the hands of the Blackharts.

Enjoy the view from outside.

Locked out.