In Promo by Ether

“I once went to school with a chick named Lucy. At the time, she was constantly targeted by unaccepting teachers and staff for her sexuality.”

“Once she came out as gay, word quickly got to the brass and quite a few of them were unhappy. Despite Highland Park being a generally accepting place, we still had our share of assholes.”

“They didn’t like how she was open about who she was. They were afraid that her ‘disease’ would spread throughout campus and ‘infect’ the whole school.”

“So the bigots amongst the staff went to work on getting her to either conform or leave. They hurled verbal abuse at her whenever they walked past her. When that didn’t work, they’d threaten violence against her, her parents, and anyone she considers a friend.”

“Did she back down then? Fuck no, she doubled down and flaunted her sexuality even more.”

“Realizing they couldn’t scare her into doing what they wanted, they went ahead with their threats and attempted to beat her into submission. They couldn’t get one blow in, however, as security quickly spotted what they were doing and restrained them.”

“They were quickly fired and replaced by more accepting individuals.”

“Vayikra act very similarly to those fuckwits I attended school with. They can’t accept that someone would think and behave differently from their Christian morals.”

“In a deluded frenzy, they proceed to demoralize and abuse those they perceive as a threat to the word of God. In this case, they’re targeting my buddy Tag for being open about his sexual preferences.”

“They thought they could just scare him into fleeing OSW with their thinly veiled threats of violence. All they’ve managed to do is give him a reason to double down and kick their asses in spectacular fashion.”

“You think you can just scare him into repenting for his ‘sins’? You think that verbal and mental abuse will get him to bend to your will and give up on the rest of Jet Set Radio? Think again.”

“He has security in the form of me and Wiz. Together, we’ll stop your reign of terror before you even have the chance to throw a single punch.”

“We’ve overcome tougher obstacles than you in the past. Our friendship has been tested multiple times ever since we arrived, yet we still stand strong. A few zealots like yourselves can’t even hope to take us to our limit.”

“When Heatwave rolls around and the security gets on your ass, you’re gonna fucking wish you were just fired. We’re gonna tear you apart, beat you down like you wanna beat on Tag.”

“There won’t be anything you can do or say that will make us merciful either. You try and target one of us, you incur the wrath of all of us. That’s just how we roll in JSR.”

“The world is going to see how we deal with punk ass bigots like Vayikra. If you don’t think we can, then fuck the world and fuck you too!”