Children’s Crusade

In Promo by Sir Gable

More than eight centuries ago when people still cared about the lord and he rewarded them with dreams to give them purpose, two young children were given angelic visions to set them on a path that would define their lives.

These two youthful soldiers of God, one French and one German, were given a vision of a peaceful crusade to convert Muslims in the holy land to Christianity and establish a new kingdom in the holiest of cities, Jerusalem.

When people discovered two children had the same vision, they knew it was a sign of the lord and children from all around Europe joined their mission.

30,000 of the bravest children to inhabit this world started taking a march only soldiers had taken before them.

They made it all the way to the Mediterranean Sea before a man offered them safe and free travel on behalf of the lord.

This was the last moment of the crusade, the man lied through his teeth and sold them into slavery.

He was no man of the lord, he was a pirate out to make some easy money.

30,000 children with the best of intentions never to be seen again.

You see, the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions and whilst I believe those brave souls did eventually breach that golden gate, hell on earth is what they were forced to endure.

Why do I bring up what people see as one of my faith’s biggest failures?

Because it’s not the failure of my faith nor the failure of those poor children, it’s the failure of the world around them, a world that has only gotten worse since their passing.

A world that has only gotten better at stealing dreams and hiding the chains that bind us all.

I bring it up because I see those 30,000 children in the three of you Jet Set Radio.

Young dreamers who traversed a dangerous path all on their own. You were all inspired to go to the same place and make your visions of fame and fortune become a reality.

Then you met your captain who promised you a safe venture to a dangerous land. This modern pirate had no black flag, simply a Black family coat of arms.

Like those before you, you believed his promises and lies and came aboard his vessel with no apprehension.

Like the pirate of old, he promised you would be fed, you could get anywhere you want, and have someone watching out for you consistently.

He did keep those promises, I’ll give him that.

Most pirates do, just long enough to have you not notice the chains they wrap around you.

Simon didn’t need to sell you into slavery, he simply made sure he had his own.

Your story isn’t unlike the children’s.

You had good intentions, better than most people who come to this place, you just got persuaded by the wrong man and arrived to hell earlier than the rest.

Unlike the children, I don’t believe you’ll leave.

Get used to the fire Pyre spreads, you’ll miss the distance soon enough.