In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

I see a world filled with hunger. A hunger for power, a hunger for justice. A hunger so fierce that the hungry will destroy anything in front of them to satiate it.

But what happens when they finally do satiate it? They start ignoring those pangs of hunger again. They start ignoring what drove them to the brink of madness, to destroy anything in front of them to satiate their own inner beasts. They grow relaxed in their contentment.

They become prey themselves for those still hungry, for those still searching for that one meal that will finally be enough for them. The hunger driving their movement like zombies. Meandering around. Slowly they become the fed, they become the satiated.

And the cycle begins once again. Hunger, feeding, contentment, decay.

It happens. I was satiated. I had grown to ignore my beast. Thought I had control of it, had mastery of it. Those hunger pangs I felt? Nothing to be worried about. I’ll give the beast small morsels. not enough to satiate it, but enough that I can ignore it.

But that Beast, that hunger. It’s out of my control now, and now I thirst. My hunt began long ago, but now it’s more feral. More… Hungry.

Hunger for power. A power I see in you. I heard the stories, I was there that night your hunger destroyed an entire city. Plunged it into the darkest night the city had ever known. And still, you fed. Still, you hungered.

You hungered for more. You had attained unimaginable power, and still you hungered for more.

Now you’ve got even more power. You’ve finally had the meal you’ve desired. The meal that satiates your hunger.

Now, like me, you have begun to ignore it. You’ve reached contentment, you’ve reached the point where your hunter instincts kept you wary of those around you. The sharks, the predators that circle looking for your meal.

The decay has begun to set in. The hunger is gone, and your mind and body grow softer with each passing day. Those pangs of hunger haven’t yet begun to become too much to ignore. So, you go on. You think yourself a predator, still see yourself as the top of the food chain. But it’s there. The other predators, the others who hunger for what you have, we see the pig beginning to grow fat.

Now, the ultimate predator is here. Now the one who will feast on your fattened corpse, who will satiate themselves on your blood have come. The hunger more than I can bare.

The hunger that will drive me forward until I have what I need. The power to finally silence the Beast that has been haunting me for weeks. The one whose hunger more than I can bare now, has finally found the prey that it so desires.

So here I am, Impaler.

The one who will feast on your decay, feast on the power you’ve horded for so long.

Your head, impaled on a spike.

A feast to finally stop my decay.