In Promo by The Impaler

We had a dog.  It was a good animal, vicious, and knowledgeable.  He kept by myside not really an ally but also not an enemy.  We knew he was only loyal to us because it was beneficial to him. 

One day We came across the dog and he was acting strange and erratic.  Standing over a cat that had joined our party the day before, the cat’s throat gone.  He lunged at Us next, his eyes had a wild thirst in them, and salvia foaming at the corners of his mouth. 

We had no other option, We held our hand out, caught the dog’s throat, while it stared at Us with a look between pleading, and blind rage.  We then displayed our mercy, snapping his neck. 

We knew what needed to be done, unfortunately even with our tenuous relationship, a rabid dog needed to be put down.  Such a shame too, We were really beginning to like that cat. 

Today, We have watched as the Slaughterhouse has been beset by a rabid animal obsessed with power and much any rabid animal, he possesses an unquenchable thirst. 

He is a beast that We once allied with when the Stakes were High.  We had parted ways over the months while We had annoying Tremere beating down our door on a quest for familial ties.  

Then one night in We happen upon the fiendish HellBat looking like he had just risen from the grave and he’d torn the throat from the Tremere and left them for dead… just like that cat. 

Now, We know what must be done because even a bat can contract rabies. 

Isn’t that right Nightscream? We’ve seen your eyes, you’re not well, and like every rabid animal you’re thirsty.  Maybe not for water, but you can’t stop thinking about the next drink, quenching the unquenchable. 

Because I know even if you manage to take me down you won’t stop, I’ve seen it before, and I saw it that night… with Lucy. 

You drank her essence and you weren’t the least bit sated.  Now, you’ll continue to lash out at everyone and everything until someone is able to put you down. 

So, here’s the thing Kaine, I will take absolutely no pleasure in doing what must be done but I can’t let you out into the world outside Slaughterhouse.   

When We will pin you down, the rough wood of a well hewn stake pressed against your chest, and you look at Us with a glazed over gaze somewhere between pleading and blind rage.  We will give you the same mercy and plunge that stake through your heart. 

Kaine, to Us you’re just like that dog and We once again have no option you need to be put down… for good this time. 

So, Kaine, with a Heatwave upon us the Stakes have never been Higher. With Our Double Feature Championship on the line but more importantly the damage an unmuzzle rabid dog like you could do. We… will… end… you. 

Because are Legion for we are many, and well, We were beginning to like that Tremere.