In Promo by The Generation Kid

Love is doing the hard thing.”

Love is when you know you ought to say something, but you shouldn’t, out of fear of hurting their feelings.”

Love is when you have someone’s back, no matter what. Even when you’re not sure they’re doing the right thing, or whether they’re even right in the first place. It’s being there to make sure they’re safe, even at a cost to your own health and safety.”

Love is not saying no, even when every fibre of your being tells you to. It’s keeping up appearances when you’d rather hide away. It’s being there in support, even if you don’t agree.”

Love is remembering all the good times, through all the bad. It’s knowing what you have when all looks like it might be lost. It’s remembering what you’ve got and it’s knowing what you have.”

Love is loss. It’s losing someone or something and it’s the turmoil inside your heart and soul when you do. It’s the overwhelming and undeniable agony of that.”

Love is sacrifice.”

Love is pain.”

Love is everything.”

Hate is going out of your way to hurt someone. It’s making them feel the worst they possibly could and doing it because you can. It’s not having responsibility for your actions; it’s not caring.”

Hate is what you do when you don’t understand something or someone, and you prejudice yourself against it. It’s not taking the time to learn, or figure out what it means to be human.”

Hate is something people do when they see no other option; when their back is against the wall, or when they simply can’t find a way to love.”

Hate can be being horrible, it’s being mean, it’s being deceitful and unkind.”

Hate can twist you up inside and make you into something you’re not. When you concede in defeat to it, you can be changed into something or someone else.”

“Hate is ugly.”

“Hate is pain.”

“Hate is also everything.”

“I love and I hate, Vigour.”

“And this thing inside of me wants me to choose one of those and hone in on it. It wants me to pick a side. It’s two wolves fighting inside of me, one representing love and one representing hate.”

“I have to make a choice, man.”

“I love who you are, buddy. I love what we represent. I loved Starboy and still do.”

“But I hate our conflict. I hate that our loss has torn us up inside and that it came to what it did.”

“Now we have to fight; one on one.”

“So, what am I gonna choose? Am I gonna choose love, or am I gonna choose hate?

“All I know is that my choice, like love and hate, will be everything.”

“I love you, brother.”

“But I hate that we have to do this.”