Tiny Mice

In Promo by Banzan

“To a mouse, cheese is cheese…”

A group of mice are set loose within the walls of a maze.

Sniffing the air, they can smell cheese, the prize that awaits. The clamber over each other, scurrying along the maze. The claw, bite and battle their way towards the cheese.

Several mice lose their way and wander lost in circles. Some are maimed by other mice along the way. Some follow other mice blindly.

But by hook or by crook, two mice find themselves at the end of the maze, where their prize awaits within a box. A button on the box begs to be pressed, so the first mouse eagerly presses the button. Instantly, it is shocked with electricity and falls down dead.

With the trap sprung, the second mouse sniffs about the box for a moment before also pressing the button. Again, the mouse is shocked and falls down dead.

The architect of the maze removes the dead mice and places fresh mice within the maze.

More mice to fall victim to his endless game.

For there never was any cheese.

“To a mouse, cheese is cheese. That is why mouse traps are effective.”

You tiny mice have always been scurrying about your maze. Sniffing the cheese and scrambling towards your goal. The battle has been violent and bloodthirsty but you squabble, maim and claw your way to the front of the race.

My, aren’t you clever little mice?

One mouse, genetically engineered for the chaos that the maze will provide. You’ve learned so much about yourself and your creation, SeeSaw. But everything you have learnt about yourself only leads you to a single conclusion. you’re nothing but an experiment.

You’re a test, from conception to present. You’ve always been just another in a line of experiments aimed at conquering this maze. But when you press that button, which you ultimately will, you will fulfil your true destiny and fall victim to the maze.

The other mouse, a determined little fellow, who had wondered in circles for years before reaching his own conclusion. You shunned your own father to reach the centre of this maze, Renault. You bit the hand that fed you, and while it has brought you this far, it will take you no further.

Well done on showing those other mice your true colours. Nevertheless, you sniff around long enough and you will fall victim to the maze too, little mouse.

You are nothing but mice, running in my maze. I am the architect, it is my game that you are merely players in. You run towards a prize that does not exist, a goal that you cannot ever reach. You never saw my true identity because you saw me only as another mouse.

You suspected nothing more.

But you foolish little mice, have run your race well. You have fought valiantly and reached your goal. Your prize awaits, my prize. My championship.

Mice will always be mice.

So, little mice. You think you have beaten my maze?

Press the button.

Let’s see who the true master of the maze is.