The Hand That Feeds

In Promo by Deathnote

“There once was an old man who owned an old dog.”

“Each day, the old man would saunter down the back porch steps towards an outdoor kennel with a bowl of food in hand.”

“Just like the day prior, the old man would sit the bowl of food in front of his old companion and give him a pat on the head.”

“But today was different. Today, the old man sat the bowl of food down and when he went to pat the old boy on the head, the dog snapped his neck to the side and bite the old man hard!”

“The old man bopped the dog on the head and ran out of the kennel before looking down and noticing that his skin had broke. Nothing but crimson red blood covered his flesh now.”

“The senior citizen sat in his house for hours after that. It seems that old dog of his had gone senile.”

“And as much as it pained him, he went towards his gun cabinet and pulled out his trusty .22 and a box of ammo.”

“From the box, he extracted one bullet and loaded it into the chamber. On his way out the back door, he grabbed one final treat.”

“He pushed the cage open and grabbed the dog by the collar and drug him out of the cage and behind the barn.”

“The dog looked back with those sad eyes that only a dog could give. One final pat was given from the old man before he took two steps back and took aim.”


“Jensen Cussen..”


“Whichever name you choose to go by, one thing remains the same.”

“You were brought here to be a loyal servant to my family..”

“You were brought here to do exactly what my father asks you to do.”

“He says sit, and you obide with a wagging tail.”

“He says come here boy, and you drop whatever it is you’re doing and come running.”

“My father is a busy man, so he’s left me in charge of feeding you for the past few months.”

“Every day, I’ve come to you with food in hand.”

“But at Dead End, you chose to bite the hand that feeds you.”

“It caught me off guard. You were able to break the skin and draw blood. But just like the old man, I immediately am rushing towards my gun cabinet.”

“Come High Voltage, I’ll be walking down that ramp, not with a bowl of food, but with a loaded hunting rifle. I will grab you by the collar and drag you out back behind the barn.”

“I will look you in your old eyes, pat you on the head and take two steps back before I blast your fucking brains all over the Slaughterhouse.”

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and to be honest, I hadn’t the time anyway.”

“You’ve bitten the hand that feeds, Cussen..”

“And now you will be put down like the dirty old mutt that you are.”

“Kneel before the Prince of the Underworld..”

“The hand that feeds.”