Low Hanging Fruit

In Promo by Sir Bellator

“Just one bite, what’s the worst that could happen?” Said the Serpent. “Do you not wish to inherit everything that the world can offer?”

And so it was that the first example of peer pressure led to the downfall of man himself. It would be so easy, just to take that low-hanging fruit and eat your fill.

You just have to make a choice.

With a single bite, that Serpent had condemned Adam and banished him from the garden. All Adam wanted to do was eat from the tree, experience the wonders that the garden had to offer him.

But the fruit was not for him.

That much was damned clear.

“For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened…”

The words of that Serpent still rung in his ears … Just one bite.

At what cost?

Each year, the gates to the garden are opened and a new king is crowned. You want to eat at the fruit of the Ring King tree, don’t you Chip?

In fact, you’ve been chasing forbidden fruit since you got here.

Trying to catch that low-hanging fruit and take a bite. You want to capture the wonders you see and showcase them for your own glory.

It led you into the Toybox, chasing the forbidden fruit of SeeSaw and his wayward brothers. It saw you pick at the fruit of TGK.

You even took a bite out of the Hungry girl, all in the name of claiming these fruits as your own.

It’s not a serpent whispering in your ear, but a little white Rabbit. Dave, the snake… Egging you on, filling your head with wild stories of glory that awaits you, just reach out and grab nature by the balls one more time.

Just take a bite of the fruit… What’s the worst that can happen?

Like Adam before you, you eagerly lap up the advice of the serpent. You eat, without thought of consequence. You seek anything and everything you desire, that god-forsaken rabbit whispering with a serpent’s tongue all the while.

And just like Adam, your greed will teach you a valuable lesson.

That low-hanging fruit is not for you.

And by listening to that serpent, all you’ve brought upon you is your own downfall.

You will never eat from the Ring King tree while aiming at low-hanging fruit. You will seek and always fall short, because you are not worthy to eat it.

I tend to the garden that you seek the fruit of. My mission is to protect Yahweh’s plan, and to ward off any that would seek to steal the forbidden fruit.

You seek to eat my fruit.

You stand before me this week as a threat to my garden, and I’ll catch you the way you wish you caught all your prey.

That rabbit has filled your head with stories of glory, but neglects to tell you two simple facts.

That fruit is not for you.

And a single bite from my tree will bring about your downfall.

So eat away, sinner.