Magnum Opus

In Promo by Sir Bellator

To create a great masterpiece of music, one must live the music, feel every sensation that it brings. They must give themselves over to the greater being that guides their song.

Three tenors join together to create a great work. Yet, each of the tenors believes themselves to be the greatest. Individually, they sing well enough to melt even the most stony of hearts, but together, they manage to create nothing but noise.

For their styles clash. They sing the song in different ways. 

One attacks the notes with the upmost aggression, announcing his presence upon every syllable he sings. The next seems to split his approach between cheerful tones and a monstrous growl, clashing with all around. The third seems to waver, lost in the music and searching for the missing note complete their own song.

Neither is willing to listen to the others. They simply sing the song that they know, unbudging from their own reality.

In this reality, they will fail to create any masterpiece at all.

The Magnum Opus of Old School Wrestling is upon us; all around us. We feel it in the formulation of plans nearing fruition, and the day of our Lord’s return is nigh.

As we prepare for the Magnum Opus, the tenors scramble to be the ones to sing the masterpiece. Everyone wants to have a say as to how the song is written. The three of you are no different.

You have been placed before Vayikra as tenors, eager to re-establish yourselves in your own quest. You are ready to sing your own song, but are you prepared to listen?

SeeSaw, you come from a long line of family members who are not exactly known for your grace. You and your hulking brother are the tenors that attack the notes with aggression, announcing your presence as you trumpet your return.

Grimwolf, you are that tenor which approaches the notes twofold, as both friend and foe of our Sir Gable. Yet to follow you would surely only lead a one way trip to Davey Jones’s locker.

And Chip… He who remains lost in the music. Constantly searching for his song, for his companion… For the missing note to complete your own great work. But your show will never be complete, for even when you succeed you seem to find a way to fail.

Vayikra is no mere band of tenors, thrust together to try and amalgamate our music.

We are a choir.

United under a single banner, with a single mission.

We feel each note, each tension of the music as it leads us toward our goal. United we stand, even in the turmoil that surrounds the formation of this Magnum Opus. United we will remain, singing our song from the same song sheet.

For our song remains the same that we have always sung.

The Opus welcomes the return of Yahweh, in all his splendour. You are simply singing the wrong song.

It is time for this masterpiece to silence your noise.

In his word, we sing together.