Luke 15:17–20

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It was Jesus himself that shared a very special parable with his disciples – where one of his two sons asked their father for a share of his estate. In time, this would’ve happened organically, but the boy was just too impatient to wait for his father’s death. 

Without hesitation, the inheritance was given to him. 

Suddenly, he doesn’t have to wait for some sort of authority to give him approval for the decisions that he makes. 

He is free

Detached from undesired paternal direction – on his own with everything that he thinks he needs – until it’s that lack of direction that starts to send him off-course. 

He starts to recognize the kind of distraction an infidel creates. They question whether or not his motives are in the right place – and the unwillingness to accept him for the choices he must make further subdues him until one day, he returns to his father. 

Between them, is a line that divides forgiveness and condemnation. 

As the son smiles at his father, he attempts to step over the line – but the father pushes him back and says, “Not this time”. 

Sometimes, forgiveness only fans the flames. The father had done everything he could to warn the boy of the rising waters, but now? The boy’s mouth was partially submerged. Every word that came out of him was a gurgled, unintelligible mess. 

The boy was there to seek shelter from the acts he had committed. Instead of responding, the father simply gave the boy a stare – one of disappointment and despair

There was no longer anything that he could do to save him, for he couldn’t save himself. 

You could say that I’m getting ahead of myself, Sanctus – but am I? Or like daddy, do I see things a little further than you? 

Let’s just say it’s the bigboy complex, in fairness.

Is there a certain point, while being under those bigboy Vayikra garbs, where the idea of honor eludes you? When does it become a rational decision to oppose honoring the ones that truly gave you life?

Granted, I may have murdered mine – 

But there’s a raw difference that you can’t see anymore because a book of made-up words blinds you, sir – and that’s because Lux? He’s… he’s a good thing. 

He’s good for you, Sanctus, 

He knows things that you do not – and mind you, these things are not in your favor – and I’m all about family – if you haven’t noticed. 

Y’know why

My father put me in the line of danger. It was never my choice. I was force fed a bunch of useless rhetoric and believed with every part of my being – until it failed me. 

If things were different, I wouldn’t have turned my back. 

If he had just insisted that I correct my decisions – instead of insisting that I spill more blood on his behalf, I wouldn’t be able to translate how different this life would be for me. 

And I won’t even try – because at this point, you’re lost

If you refuse to listen to the one thing that you should listen to, then nothing can save you. 

You’ll see.